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Have you read the results of our research with customers

As a high level summary, it shows that customers want us to focus on delivering value through providing:

  • safe and available water and sewerage services
  • a positive customer experience
  • support for a sustainable community
  • efficient and affordable services

While we're already doing much in these areas, we've got many new ideas to deliver even greater benefits for our customers. And that's what we intend to do.

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18 hours ago

We all feel the service charges are over the top, when we pay for water usage and sewage disposal, so it seems a lot like double dipping....etc waterways &drainage charge, annual parks charge, service charges, sewage charges, water usage....WHAT NEXT.

never HAD ALL THESE FEES YEARS AGO AND FEELS LIKE A GRAB FOR CASH, its getting out of hand. I don't mind paying our way, BUT really, its ridiculous what you charge, when the population has grown, therefore collecting so much more revenue.

Disgruntled customer

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