What customers are telling us now

Understanding value

We wanted to understand what our customers value most from their water and sewerage service. To do this, we asked them to rank and assess different expectations. The message we’ve received from our customers is they want us to concentrate on delivering:

  • a positive customer experience
  • safe and available water and sewerage services
  • services there when I need it
  • supporting a sustainable and resilient community
  • efficient and affordable services

It’s pretty clear customers want us to get the basics right, provide clear bills and a good experience, and ensure we’re caring for the community and the environment in what we do.

Read the report summarising this research: understanding the value of water

What customers want to pay (or not pay) for services
Once we knew where customers wanted us to focus, we then wanted to understand to what extent they would pay to keep, reduce or enhance services to deliver on those focus areas. Our bill simulator let customers tell us. They indicated:

  • 35% of customers could live with a $2-$4 increase in their bill to reduce sewerage spills
  • about 34% of customers support some investment in:
    • real-time monitoring of water usage
    • more help for customers experiencing difficulty paying their water bills due to financial or personal circumstance
  • customers are least supportive for investment in improvements to our customer contact centre
  • 50% of customers would pay $1-2.50 more on their bill to support investment in water main renewals and reduce the impact caused by burst pipes in busy locations

Read the research report summarising the results from the bill simulator.

What else customers told us
We asked about structuring tariffs and charges differently. What was loud and clear is that customers want services that are fair for all.

Some recurring themes through our research is that customers want:

  • More communication from us. They don’t see the value in our range of services, because many don’t know what services we offer.
  • Reward and recognition for paying on time. Customers receive discounts from other utilities for this, so they expect the same from us.


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