What are you willing to pay (or not pay) for our services?

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Customers like you are using our bill simulator to tell us what services you think we should keep, reduce or improve and how much you want to pay for them. 

As of 5 June, the bill simulator results show:

  • Thirty per cent of people would pay an extra $2.50 or more to assist us in achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2025 or sooner, rather than the current 2030 target.
  • A third of customers are prepared to pay $6 or more for technology to alert them about water leaks or unusually high water use and provide access to real time water use information.
  • One in five people would pay an extra $2 or more to increase community education on water efficiency. 

What do you think? Use our bill simulator to have your say on what you'll pay at sew.budgetsimulator.com and leave your comments below.

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