We’ve been listening to our customers, and taking action

Customer feedback matters, and directly affects how we provide our services.

For a long time now, we’ve invited customers who call or email us to answer a few questions, telling us why they contacted us, to rate us on our service and how satisfied they are with South East Water. Over the past five years alone, we've captured rich insights from about 75,000 customers and this has helped us to identify opportunities to improve their experience with us.

Improvements include offering more choice on how customers receive and pay their bills. We've also introduced different ways for our customers and us to communicate with each other. Feedback from our customers even helped us build and design mySouthEastWater – our online account management hub where customers can update their details, pay their bills and manage their payments, when and where they feel like. Thanks to our customers, we were the first water utility in Australia to do this.

This valuable collection of customer feedback has also directly led to other service improvements such as:

  • average water use comparison graphs by family size and suburb on customer bills
  • South East Water LIVE, a map showing where current water outage or maintenance works are taking place
  • 24/7 online leak reporting
  • online processes for people moving in and out of properties, removing paperwork and hassle from an already big move
  • automating ‘more time to pay’ requests
  • accelerated rollout of intelligent pressure sewerage systems to replace septic tanks on customer properties in our PeninsulaECO program. This initiative helped prevent groundwater contamination and protect the environment along the southern Mornington Peninsula.

This process has helped us to consistently have one of the strongest track records in Australia when it comes to delivering efficient services for our customers, saving everyone time, money and water. This is something we are proud of and determined to maintain.

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