Warn me, inform me

Warn me, inform me

Whether a supply or service interruption is planned or unplanned, warnings and proactive notifications are not just highly valued – you expect them.

  • Keeping you informed and in control
  • Rectifying interruptions to minimise disruption
  • Reducing disruption in peak times
  • Understanding your individual needs and impacts

What we do now

  • Inform you via email and SMS (where we have your mobile and email details) as well as mail when there is a water fault or outage.
  • Restore 98 per cent of planned water interruptions within the notification period.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to give us feedback to inform us of your level of interruption, key areas of impact and opportunities for mitigation.

What we plan to do

  • Increase the number of customers notified when there is a water supply interruption.
  • Explore email and SMS notifications for other types of interruptions like sewerage blockages and potential water quality issues.
  • Provide you with a better idea of how fast (and when) we will fix water and sewerage supply interruptions to make sure you are more informed during times of disruptions.
  • Improve South East Water LIVE functionality and raise your awareness that you can track what we are doing 24/7.
  • Maintain our average duration of unplanned water supply interruptions.
  • Maintain our service levels in planned water interruptions restored within the notification period.
  • Look at ways to reduce disruption and the number of customers impacted during peak times.
  • Improve how we collect and manage customer details and preferences.
  • Improve awareness of the support services we provide to help minimise disruptions.

More information

We’re proud to say that we’ve made a head start with some of these actions. You can read more about these in our 'Summary – 2018 Price Submission’.

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