Services you value: which commitment is most important to you?

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Our prices and services for 2018-23 have been approved by our regulator, the Essential Services Commission, and they have been shaped by our customers' feedback.


You spoke. We're acting.


Here's a list of our commitments for the next five years. You can read more about them on this site.

  1. Get the basics right, always
  2. Warn me, inform me
  3. Fair and affordable for all
  4. Support my community, protect our environment
  5. Make my experience better


Provide your feedback to be in the draw for your choice of $150 supermarket voucher or $150 credit on your next water bill.





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3 weeks ago

I’m really pleased to see these changes taking effect. One query I have though is why apartments are charged a full sewerage disposal fee when in a small block (7 apartments in my case). I know of houses of a similar size that are charged one sewerage cost whereas each of us have to foot a full sewerage charge. I think this is unfair and should be charged as a lump sum divided by seven (in my blocks case). Can you explain to me how this happens?

2 weeks ago

I'd like to see all the extra charges, like supply, sewerage & other authorities decreased, these in many cases cost more than the actual water used are ridiculous & frankly unfair. We are supposedly paying for water, not every Tom, Dick & Harry's ploy to fill their coffers. When these extra charges cost more than water usage then there is something very wrong.

2 weeks ago

We use water just for usual things like wash bath and sometimes water the flowers in summer.

But still sometimes the bill become to much for us only 2 people living in a small townhouse.

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