Support my community, protect our environment

We’re working to ensure the future of our water supply and to help shape a more sustainable Melbourne.

Here’s how:

  • by reducing carbon emissions
  • minimising sewage spills
  • building a water efficient communities by using alternative water sources like rainwater, stormwater and recycled water.

What we do now

  • Fishermans Bend – designing a strong integrated water system to deliver recycled water to Australia’s biggest urban renewal site which will house 80,000 residents and provide employment for up to 80,000 people.
  • Peninsula ECO project – installing a new sewer system along the southern Mornington Peninsula, which is replacing septic tank systems and treatment plants on about 16,500 properties.
  • Aquarevo – working with Villawood Properties to create a residential development in Lyndhurst with homes plumbed with three types of water: drinking, recycled and rainwater.
  • Target 155 – a voluntary water efficiency program encouraging you to use water responsibly and to aim for 155 litres per person per day.
  • Education South East Water website – provides a range of free water resources and activities for teachers and students.
  • Provide information about water use and water efficiency to help residential customers with sustainable behaviours and to manage their bill.
  • Participate in forums with councils to increase awareness of water issues and to identify priority projects.

What we’re planning to do

  • Become carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 29% by the end of 2023 by implementing solar at a number of water recycling plants.

Reduce negative environmental impact through responsibly:

  • Implementing an enhanced sewer monitoring program to minimise sewer spills.
  • Donating up to $10,000 to a community group affected by a dry weather spill (we caused) in our area, that results in a beach closure.

Reduce water use through increased efficiency:

  • Explore projects that leverage rainwater capture in their design to relieve pressure on drinking water supplies.
  • Inform you of new ways to increase your water efficiency to help support a balanced approach to managing our water resources.
  • Increase the supply of recycled water for those of you in growth regions connected to recycled water network, including in Cranbourne, Clyde, Officer and Pakenham.
  • Explore opportunities to increase the supply of recycled water to agricultural customers.
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