Make my experience better

You told us that you expect a better experience when you deal with us, so that’s what we’ll aim to provide. You also told us you want:

  • your query resolved the first time you contact us
  • increased choice, awareness and value for money
  • us to better understand your needs.

What we do now

  • Offer choice with how and when you want to interact with us:
    • 24/7 online self-service through mySouthEastWater 
    • live chat
    • to speak directly with locally-based support staff.
  • Provide PropertyConnect – a 24/7 online self-service hub for requesting our services and lodging applications to connect to our water and sewer assets.
  • Coordinate an ‘Industry Reference Group’ for regular engagement and collaboration for business customers like developers.
  • Improve the ease and speed of doing business with us by automating processes, i.e. signing contracts/documents is automated via ‘DocuSign’.
  • Participate in forums with Councils to increase awareness of water issues and to identify priority projects.

What we’re planning to do

  • Increase awareness of who we are and what we do so you know how we can help when you need us.
  • Enhance our digital channels so you have ease and choice in how you want to use our services.
  • Improve the speed and ease with which we resolve your query.
  • Better understand your satisfaction with us and needs by expanding our customer experience surveys to include more customers (e.g. businesses).
  • Work with councils to manage sewage spills in the event of beach closures.
  • Enhance your experience when you call us by using queue management technology so you know your wait time and where you are in the queue.
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