Make my experience better

Make my experience better

You do not want to pay more for better experiences; you simply expect them as good business practice.

  • Improve first contact resolution and reduce effort
  • Increase choice, awareness and value perceptions
  • Better understand individual needs

What we do now

  • Average more than 90 per cent year-on-year on customer satisfaction with the experiences we provide.
  • Offer a range of choices with how and when you want to interact with us:
    • mySouthEastWater – 24/7 online self-service portal
    • live chat
    • speak directly with locally-based support staff.
  • PropertyConnect – a 24/7 online self-service hub for requesting our services and lodging applications to connect to our water and sewer assets.

What we’re planning to do

  • Improve your awareness of who we are and what we do and assess this against a new ‘value-for-money’ measure.
  • Encourage use of digital channels.
  • Focus on initiatives like staff training to try and resolve issues as soon as you contact us and reduce your effort as the customer.
  • Better understand your satisfaction with us and needs by expanding our customer experience surveys to include more customers (e.g. businesses) and ways give feedback.

More information

We’re proud to say that we’ve made a head start with some of these actions. You can read more about these in our 'Summary – 2018 Price Submission’.

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