How customer feedback is informing this price submission

There’s a good chance you’ve heard from us recently – not just on your bill, but perhaps also at a community event, via social media, radio, letter, SMS or by email. You may even have participated in a forum with us or used our bill simulator.

We’ve always engaged with our customers, but up until about eight years ago, we only collected and analysed formal feedback with our annual survey. Many customers didn't want to wait that long. Who would?

Fast forward to 2017 and we're proud that our customers now can interact with us 24/7, whether that's by phone, email, app, face-to-face or on social media. The past few months have been a great example. We’ve spoken with tens of thousands of customers to help inform our latest water price submission to ensure that it reflects what they want and need most.

We already had a lot of information about what our customers wanted. But we wanted to know more about what they value most about their water and sewerage service. So we’ve focused on better understanding what they expect and value, and the message we’ve received from our customers is they want us to concentrate on delivering:

  • safe and available water and sewerage services
  • a positive customer experience
  • supporting a sustainable community
  • efficient and affordable services

While we’re already doing much in these areas, we’ve got many new ideas to deliver even greater benefits for our customers.

What’s also become clear through talking with our customers is they want us to communicate more frequently with them. Many things they’ve asked us to offer, we already do. We have to get better at explaining to customers what we do and the services we provide. This is one thing we’ll be working on for the future.

Read our what you’re telling us now page, where we’re reporting back on the details customers have shared with us and how we’re going to turn this new customer feedback into actions that are fair, transparent, and give our customers more choice and control.


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