Fair and affordable for all

Our customers told us you want lower costs and you want us to support you with stable prices and reliable services that are fair and affordable.

We aim to:

  • provide greater bill certainty and control
  • keep costs down
  • provide more online, lower-cost services so you have even more options to manage your account and contact us. 

What we do now

  • Allow you to manage your account and details 24/7 via our online portal mySouthEastWater.
  • Support customers who want to pay their water and sewerage bills, but may not be able to for a variety of reasons through South East Water Assist.
  • Provide an eBill option to receive your water bill electronically and use the easy 'click-to-pay' option from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Work together with City West Water and Yarra Valley Water exploring digital water meters to provide you with more timely water use information, including leak alerts.

What we plan to do

  • Reduce prices and provide simpler bills with:
    • lower operating costs per property – by running an even more efficient business, our customers benefit from lower prices.
  • Inform and support you to manage your bill better by:
    • provide you with personalised solutions and advice to help you keep your bill amounts on track.
    • help large water users reduce their water use.
  • Provide more flexible payment options:
    • work with customers to explore tariff options and payment flexibility
    • increase the number of customers seeking support through our  South East Water Assist team.
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