Thanks for having your say.

We’ve listened to your feedback about our prices and what services you value most, and we’ve used it to shape the services and prices we propose to deliver for 2018. This is outlined in our 2018 Price Submission which is now with Victoria's independent regulator, the Essential Services Commission, for consideration. A final determination on our submission is expected in mid-2018. You can comment and provide feedback on our price submission directly to the  ESC via its website.

Our five year proposal for our customers

2018 Price Submission Summary

A summary of our submission for water and sewerage pricing for the 2018-23 regulatory period. Thousands of customers

>We’ve been listening to our customers, and taking action

have had their say, and your feedback has resulted in five proposed customer outcomes and supporting initiatives based on what you value most from our services.

Read a summary of our 2018 Price Submission

You can comment and provide feedback on our complete price submission directly to the
ESC via its website

How our customers shaped our 2018  price submission

'How our customers shaped our 2018 price submission

From focus groups to online forums, at community events and over the phone, you’ve helped shape our submission.


What does your money pay for?

>What does your money pay for?

The money you pay on your bill helps us deliver high quality services to you while managing a 24,000 kilometre network of pipes and pumps, 24/7. Here’s a breakdown of those services and costs.

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