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Q&A - After The Budget - May 16th

  • Answer 1: On May 9th 2011, popular

On May 9th 2011, popular Monday night television program ABC's Q&A partnered with OurSay to power the most questions for the first episode following the 2011 federal budget.

ABC chose the second most popular question to put to the program's panel, which included Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten; Opposition Senate Leader Eric Abetz; Anna Rose from the Youth Climate Coalition; Judge Felicity Hampel from the Victorian County Court; and John Roskam, executive director of the Institute of Public Affairs.

Over 800 people participated, posting 91 questions and casting over 3000 votes.

Find out more about the partnership here.

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Harry Hostan in the Sunday Age (4/9/11) wrote that "thousands of respected scientists signed a petition saying climate change is not a problem." It's unprofessional to make such an important claim without providing the evidence. Which petition? When was it signed?
Richard Griffiths · 6 years ago