Budget 2019

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Let us know what you think is important! By helping shape the 2019 Budget, you can help make sure that our time and resources are spent on the things which matter the most to our communities.  

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Responding to your ideas

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    Kathy Bramwell
    Director Corporate and Community Services

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4 days ago

We have repeatedly communicated to Council (also via a 2011 & 2013 petition by resident in the Waubra Heights RLZ) for maintenance, repair etc to ongoing drainage issues and recent road issues. So we would suggest;
1) How about Council Start budgeting for the removal of excess sedimentary runoff that is clearly evident on the roadside verges/shoulder that has reduced the usable road table pavement widths to such a degree that it is impossible for two vehicles to safely pass one another (in good weather) at crucial sections of the RLZ roads by having to travel on top of this accumulated (over decades...

1 week ago

Council currently provides waste and recycling services at full cost recovery through a waste charge on all rate payers. The total cost of $1.35m includes collection, transfer station operations, disposal and transportation of recyclables to licensed facilities, landfill rehabilitation, and any additional or expanded service.

1 week ago

Council is obligated to collect, store and transfer the e-waste collected to an appropriate processor. As part of this process, Council is obligated to report data on e-waste collected to Sustainability Victoria. Since 2019/20 is the first year of this service, Council has budgeted for $10,000 to facilitate this process. Council is building e-waste sheds at Beaufort, Avoca and Snake Valley in 2018/19 in preparation for this new service.

1 week ago

Did you know that prior to China’s ban on recyclables, Council did not have to pay to dispose of recyclables. Council currently pays $100 per tonne to dispose recyclables. Total recyclables collected per annum is approximately 600 tonnes.

1 week ago

This year Council will renew 3 bridge structures, 3 major culverts have been renewed, 5.32km of sealed roads have been reconstructed and 2 public toilet blocks have been renewed.

1 week ago

Between July 2018 and March 2019, Council’s Planning Department assessed and approved 76 planning permit applications, totaling $9.6 million worth of works. These permits were processed and issued in less than 60 days.

1 week ago

Council currently provides 13,704 hours of aged and disability services annually. While Commonwealth and State fund approximately 63% of the total cost ($1m), Council subsidises the service by approximately $375,000 per annum.

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