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Everyone in Omokoroa knows about the silica stains in the shower, the rings around the plugs in the basin, the rings around the toilet bowl and so on.
If you unknowingly washed your windows or car with Omokoroa water you know that the spots are there for good, they never wash off.
There is also the unseen damage to the valves in the plumbing fittings that will fail one day due to silica.
Fortunately there is a process that can remove the excess silica from the water supply but there are costs involved; capital costs to install and running costs to use.
Please take the survey to indicate how much you would be prepared to pay to have the excess silica removed from our water supply.

Currently the Council is not minded to include this in the Long Term Plan but if sufficient public interest is shown then submissions can be made.

Take the survey to make your thoughts known.

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Silica Removal Costs

1 year ago

Yes I would like to reduce amount of silica in our water.Agree with Chantel's comments. Having to use much elbow grease to stop deposits on sanitary wear.

1 year ago

Getting rid of silica form our water supply would be fantastic

1 year ago

Removing silica from our water before it reaches consumers is essential.

Think of all the cleaners and scourers and water that consumers are using to try and scrub this buildup away.

This in effect will also impact the environment as less toxic cleaners and residues being washed down the plughole and into our stormwater system ....and where does that end the harbour somewhere?

1 year ago

We all seem to like the idea of Silica removal, but what is the cost & of course the running costs of the plant to do it, as I know it is not cheep to do it. But maybe the cost of it could be balanced with the cost to us of the sewerage going down due to all the extra households in Omokoroa now.

1 year ago

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