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Omokoroa Reserves

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WBPDC is about to launch a consultation process on the Omokoroa Reserves.  Because changes at one reserve can potentially impact other reserves, it has been decided to deal with the following three areas at the same time:
Omokoroa Domain/The Esplanade

Cooney Reserve

Precious Family Reserve

Feedback is sought on issues of access, parking, toilets, playgrounds, possible reclaimation, facilities and so on.


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1 year ago

Tauranga Harbour is one of the best feeding grounds for the wader birds from Alaska (godwits) and these birds come in very close to the shore when the tide is in at Precious Reserve. So having cars close to the beach would no be a great idea for the birds. The areas for these birds is slowly being taken over by humans, dogs etc and if we want to be known as an caring community we need to protect the areas we have left.

1 year ago

Both Cooney and Precious Reserve need some toilets.
Development should be minimal at both reserves . Maybe some parking at Precious at the top but not down near the water. Some sheltered seating maybe at both reserves.

10 months ago

A further reserve and marina needs to be opened up where suitable nearer to the end of Lynley Park, so that the pressure on the other three reserves/esplanade aren't overwhelmed.

1 year ago

Precious beach needs a carpark so that familys with small children can get close enough to use it. Access by walking is almost impossible with a little family and it is a much nicer sand beach than on the other side. Car parking for the other beach is too over crowded by ferry goers and time should be limited around the shop and boat club to avoid those spending the weekend on the island from taking all the beach parks.

1 year ago

Agree Cooney reserve could do with toilets and more seating at both reserves, like to see a swing for the kids at Cooney reserve as the domain and skate path are some distance away.

1 year ago

No access to Previous Bros Reseve either than by walking. No toilets needed but covered seating to right (looking at sea) of current covered seat between the trees. Parking only onat Hamarama rd and Anderley AVE.

1 year ago

Omokoroa Domain and Esplanade - Would like to remove overnight caravan and campervan parking in this area as the parking spaces are already limited for locals. Identify a long stay parking area away from beach front and boat ramp access . This could then be used by visitors to Matakana/boaties on overnight or longer trips and water taxi passengers thus again leaving more spaces for local residents. As population grows might have to consider time limited parking.

Cooney Reserve. Better place for overnight caravan and campervans. Consider a toilet, maybe portable at first to look at usage. Would be ...

1 year ago

Please can we have some dog bins

1 year ago

Dog bins please

11 months ago

Omokoroa Domain and The Esplande, at the boat club end carpark should be no overnight parking or even parking more than 2 hours. A foot path is need to connect the shop and playground to the footpath coming off the Esplande as little children always run right across the shortterm parking. This short term parking should be 15 mins only. No driveway access should exist down the right of the shop as this is also dangerous right next to playground.

Parking in front of the boat club and the nearby parks need to be limited to 2hr parking to stop people working on the island all week from holding a s...

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