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The Omokoroa Library has run out of space.  If there was to be a new Library/Service Centre for Omokoroa, which could include other community spaces and meeting rooms, where do you think it should be located, and why?

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1 year ago

We definitely need a bigger library!
The land next to 'Fresh Choice' seems like a good place. May be start with a library and service centre with the capacity to add on other services and cultural buildings like a Museum Room and somewhere to showcase The Arts as add ons. This area could also support a police centre , social services hub etc. It would then serve to support the existing local community as well as future community.
Included could be shared carparks and walkways linking to the Medical Hub. A cafe/coffee shop could complete the complex.

1 year ago

It would seem that where there is an activity hub would be the most sensible place - either by the sports pavilion or in the new shopping precinct , or somewhere near the Settlers Hall so that the meeting rooms and community spaces could be shared for larger events

1 year ago

A multi purpose building to house the toy library and library is a good idea as the current toy library has seen better days, Not sure about the location so close to the railway bridge and fire station with regards to safety when entering and exiting the site as I understand this is the reason goldstone road is to be closed.

1 year ago

By Fresh Choice or the medical centre - preferably remove all the industrial buildings and develop this area to make it more appealing and coherent. This location means that there is more of a central commercial area in Omokoroa.

1 year ago

The toy library has also run out of space. The non-sealed garage also gets full of spiders so our toys get covered in dirt dust and cobwebs. Remove the garage and replace with a building that houses the books library, toy library, kid-friendly cafe (desperately need more of these!), and meeting rooms etc... All centralized near to playcentre and the hall. That site has so much underutilized and wasted space.

11 months ago

The whole area of Tralee Rise through to and including the current pharmacy and medical facilities would make an excellent cohesive hub for Omokoroa's Libnrary/Service Centre/Community centre, especially if an underground carpark is added to the plan.
The surrounding area is already well populated making this a good Part one of the plan. Part two would be the area around Prole Road to cater for the growing population.

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