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Greenwaste - Recycling

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The land occupied by the current Omokoroa greenwaste facility is part of a larger area selected as a Special Housing Area and is being developed for medium density housing. As a result Council will lose the land occupied by the greenwaste facility within the next 18 months. Council will be paid for the land taken for the development and this money will be available to purchase land for relocation of the greenwaste facility. We need to let Council know what we think in regard to greenwaste and future waste management on our peninsula.  

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Greenwaste - Recycling

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1 year ago

Ultimately, with 10-12,000 residents we will need a full recycling facility but we don't want to repeat the sewage situation where 3000 people are paying for a system designed for 12000. We need to stage the greenwaste/recycling so that it can grow with the population without being a rates burden in the interim.

7 months ago

OK a new base is required, so lets put it behind the Omokoroa Trucks base. By putting there it is ease access for the other parts of Omokoroa.
This require a set of bins for glass.
A bin for plastic, at this time the No 5 goes to land fill, other areas find a recycle use for this so should we.
Other things can be added

12 months ago

Forward thinking here is key to the environment. I'd like to see a good recycling & green waste system. I think the council needs to consider lower costs as I find there is currently not much incentive for people to recycle so only those who really care do. We certainly don't want people fly tipping because it's too expensive to take to the green waste!

7 months ago

48% of rubbish is compostable material - this should be widely published so that people really get behind the idea of cutting waste by almost half, having no smelly bins. Make bins 50% smaller and I like the idea of worm farming and the encouragement shown by Council to deliver free worm farms, but this is not very well publicised, nor the workshops to train people.

Also, ordinary compost bins with lids are excellent. Some families also have pig farmers call and collect their food scraps which is an alternative idea. Let's start our journey to zero waste by tackling the 48% first. Less rats...

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