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Part of the review of the Omokoroa Structure Plan which is being undertaken in the 2017/18 year is determining the best location for a future commercial centre in Omokoroa.  
There are three options:

1.  On Omokoroa Road, beside the new Special Housing Area.

2.  On Omokoroa Road, between Prole and SH2 close to Prole Road.

3.   On Omokoroa Road, between Prole and SH2 close to SH2.

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Commercial Centre Location

1 year ago

A town centre based in area 1 would be closer to the "centre of gravity" of the population. The area next to FreshChoice should also be further developed

1 year ago

As we get more shops in Omokoroa they'll need passing traffic to survive. Having the town center closer to the road will encourage passing traffic to drop in.

1 year ago

I think this is a good opportunity for the community to express an opinion without feeling restricted to the options provided, agree with the previous comment that Tralee street should be further developed and would like to see it added as OPTION 4.

1 year ago

I think the 'town centre' is just part of the bigger picture. Near SH2 makes good business sense as the centre would attract passing SH2 traffic. It would need to be coordinated with the Omokoroa Road/SH2 entrance improvements to be announced later this year by Ministry of Transport.
In the mean time development of a Services hub as mentioned under 'Have your say on the Library' would make good sense for what the community needs now.
When considering a town centre it is also the time to consider the placement of a Learning hub for secondary education as this could be the biggest ...

1 year ago

I think the town centre should be where area 2 is shown on the map. That is central to the urban sprawl and away from the beach which keeps the beach more of a destination and less inclined to pollution as occurs when a town is too close to those types of parks.

Although that area seems at present to have been cleared for housing which is inconsistent. Regardless of what plan is to occur it needs to happen now as otherwise it will be scattered and not well planned and too late. For once lets have a town that is well structured and planned before it is forced to squeeze in at the end and is no...

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