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Sustainable Environment and Climate Change

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What is this topic about?

Actions to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change such as reducing landfill and energy use, increasing tree canopy to reduce effects of higher temperature and preserving our environment.

How do I vote?

Tell us below what you think of the actions listed below by voting and adding comments.  You have up to 7 votes that can be spread across one or a number of action items. For example, you can give 1 vote to 7 outcomes; or 7 votes to one outcome; or any combination as long as the total number is 7 or less. You can also add any comments you have about any of the outcomes by clicking 'comment'.

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Which of the actions below would you like Council to do?


Responding to your ideas

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9 months ago

Council Idea

Improve energy efficiency to reduce costs and climate change impact (such as solar panels and LED lighting) – employing a range of energy efficiencies to produce cost savings.

8 months ago

With only 3 years to go until 2020, how close is Moreland to delivering on some of the actions outlined in the Zero Carbon Moreland document? - for example - solar on more than 21,000 homes, 27 community owned solar systems, 500 car share bays, increased vegetation cover by 35%? We need Moreland Council to put climate change at the centre of decision making to ensure a more sustainable and liveable municipality.

8 months ago

In keeping with Council's idea to retain and improve Moreland's existing natural environments - its parklands, grasslands and waterways, prepare a MASTERPLAN for the Moonee Ponds Creek that will guide the future protection and enhancement of this key waterway and open space corridor of Moreland.

8 months ago

The Moreland area is only going to become more congested as new apartment buildings go up, I would like to see it become mandatory that all new builds include solar panels. For apartment blocks the panels can be used to power the amenities (car park lighting etc). There is so much opportunity for empty roof space to be utilised.

8 months ago

Reduce the impact of stormwater pollution on the Merri and Moonee Ponds Creeks.

8 months ago

Supporting resident in keeping their goods as long as possible, and provide a network of businesses capable of effectively repair them. Create or promote repair cafes helping to reduce the disposal of electric/electronic goods or furniture. Short term consumption of complex goods is a significant driver of climate change.

8 months ago

Conduct a study of the council activity using a scientific life cycle approach, and use it to communicate on the actions being taken to reduce impacts of council activity.

8 months ago

Advertise the freely available mulch at Council's depot in Coburg, and make it available at other sites around Moreland. It's our green waste, why can't we get it back!

8 months ago

More frequent collection of greenwaste, with bigger bins.

8 months ago

The intentional noise pollution from two and four wheeled vehicles with open exhausts should be subject to State fines - and the proceeds could go to sound barrier walls where needed. Will Council make this a submission to the Victorian Government?

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