Sustainable Environment and Climate Change
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Council Idea

Reduce environmental hazards from rubbish dumping - working to reduce issues like asbestos dumping, chemicals, building materials and the dumping of household items like batteries, mobile phones, fluorescent lights, that need to be taken to appropriate drop off points.

Moreland Council
9 months ago · 39 votes · 2 comments
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Please, please, please stop with the annual hard waste collection and replace it with a system of booked service. The annual system encourages people to put their stuff on the nature strip at other times. It encourages good knows who to trawl around the neighbourhood and the place just looks atrocious for about a month.

8 months ago

Agree with this. We've just moved to Glenroy and the amount of junk dumped on nature strips makes the suburb look very ugly.

Sarah Buckley
8 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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