Sustainable Environment and Climate Change
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More tree planting along footpaths and in verges. There is limited shade in many streets in Coburg. Either inappropriate trees, dead trees, new trees are too immature most of the time. More plane trees like the leafy eastern suburbs they seem to be maintained fine over there!!

8 months ago · 17 votes · 2 comments
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Force developers who clear fell sites for development to pay a greening levy to Council to provide offset planting of habitat trees and plants in nearby park lands. Rethink the percentage of a block being developed that should be left as a green living garden.

Anna Lanigan
8 months ago
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Hello. I heartily agree that there should be more trees planted along the streets of Coburg -and Coburg north as well. this would provide shade and create a more pleasant aesthetic. but I don't believe plane trees are the answer. Though lovely, hardy trees, they are not native to Australia let alone the Moreland area. Also, they are disastrous for allergy sufferers. I am sure there are better native alternatives. I really hope this happens!!

8 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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