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I grew up in Scotland and one of my fondest childhood memories is that of community gardens - veggie plots - with the area of Moreland rapidly growing and more and more apartment style buildings going up I'm interested in hearing the council's views on allotments for people wishing to grow their own fruit and vegetables to make our amazing area more environmentally sound and to help out low income families

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Allotments, a simple, brilliant solution. People can tolerate living in apartments when they have some land to relate to. The allotment system was not just designed to be 'nice'; but to actually provide significant food resources during war etc.

Michael Batten
7 months ago
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you might be interested in checking out the Moreland Food Garden Network - a loose group of people and organisations (schools, permaculture, community gardens, fetes etc) who are supporting advocating and participating in growing food and local food systems. If you're keen to join a community garden yourself, you'll find that info too!

Liz Ralph
8 months ago
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