Sustainable Environment and Climate Change
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Apparently Darebin Council piloted a program last year to install solar panels for low income households that the households pay for slowly over time as part of their power bills. If the residents sell, the program/cost stays with the property. Some other councils, such as Adelaide City Council, are now adopting this (installations in Adelaide will start in June/July), and it seems this approach matches the ethos of Moreland. One of the challenges would be how to make this available to renters, however with the Andrews government about to introduce long term leases, there may be opportunities.

Kath Knapsey
8 months ago · 54 votes · 2 comments
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I think 'low cost housing' in Moreland is a bit of misnomer. If you are able to afford to buy a house in Moreland, you are significantly wealthier than those that have no option to rent or are in public housing. Once upon a time renting was a temporary measure until you could buy your own house but now it is, unfortunately, a lifelong status for many residents. With this in mind, I think Darebin's idea was a good start, but Moreland should go a step further and ensure that all houses in Moreland, regardless of income, have the ability to install solar panels and have them paid off over time through their rates, interest free. This will ensure renters are able to enjoy the benefits and savings of solar panels because investors are more incentivized to install them. Other homeowners will also be able to access this and ultimately our environment will benefit greatly.

Shanaka Perera
8 months ago
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This is a great idea and deserve more thought.

8 months ago
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