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Get immersed in Moreland's Aquatic and Leisure Strategy - What do you see as the current issues in relation to Council's Aquatic and Leisure facilities?

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Moreland City Council is developing and Aquatic and Leisure Strategy to help guide the future of the service for the next 10 years and beyond. This will provide a strategic document for the planning, provision and direction of Council's six aquatic and leisure facilities.

This will help guide:

  • How we prioritise planned maintenance/ renewal works
  • How we prioritise future investment in to facilities
  • How we provide health and wellness services
  • How we provide safe and accessible facilities
  • How we provide cost efficient and finacially sustainable facilities.


Council will be holding a further Community Information Session

6.30 pm to 9.30 pm, Wednesday 2 August

Coburg Civic Centre, Bell Street Coburg.

Registrations are essential as spots are limited.

To register contact Delen Benzetsel at dbenzetsel@moreland.vic.gov.au or on 9240 1111.

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Responding to your ideas

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4 months ago

Suggestion for Pascoe Vale Outdoor Pool - future plan to make part of it indoors and part outdoors similar to Fawkner pool. This would allow the pool to be utilized all year around by the public and swimming programs. The main pool could become indoors with the other pools at the back as outdoor pools with some sliding door that could open up in the summer months. Thanks.

4 months ago

Moreland City Council, you say no decision has been made yet about Pascoe Vale pool, but I’ve been informed by one of your representatives on the aquatic consulting committee, that it is pretty much dead and buried as an operating pool in Moreland once Oak Park’s redevelopment has been completed.

So, you will say we can just travel the 1.5kms to Oak Park pool to use that one. But unless you have a car, how are you meant to get there on a 30+ degree day? Oak Park pool (just like Coburg pool) is not serviced by any form of public transport from Pascoe Vale. So if a family doesn’t have a car, ...

3 months ago

I'm going to just come out and say what I've been thinking the last 12 years.
Close Fawkner, Pascoe Vale and Coburg Outdoor as all are extremely outdated and pretty useless for many aquatic activities and sports.
Focus on renovating Coburg indoor and add a 50m indoor pool, hydro pool and family area. Still have large doors to open for summer so people can sit outside. Even consider a diving pool perhaps down the track. There is literally nothing in Moreland to suit swimming clubs amateur, professional or masters. Oak park wil be great but still not indoors which is sad as it is a mass...

5 months ago

This is a cleverly crafted exercise by Moreland Council in designing a public relations campaign to shoe-horn the community into the decision(s) Council wants to make. I do wonder why we are asked here to provide our "idea". Surely we should be asked for a "comment" on the background information provided by Council. There is no preamble for the community that presents the case for us to be providing our "ideas". So my comments follow. The provision of localised leisure facilities for Melburnians, including Morelanders is crucial to the ongoing health and vitality of ourse...

4 months ago

With the rate at which Pascoe Vale's population has grown over the past few years and continues to grow with no sign of slowing due to all the townhouses being built, it really needs to retain and extend it's outdoor pool facilities. It should have a complex built like Coburg, Brunswick and Fawkner already have and what Oak Park is now having built.

It needs to have the outdoor pool heated for all year round use, an indoor pool to cater for swimming lessons, a gym, group fitness class room and child care for parents to make the most of the complex.

I know of many families in the area w...

4 months ago

I agree with a lot of comments made about the Pascoe Vale Pool. With population growing, townhouses going up everywhere that in some streets there's one after another, we need to keep and upgrade the pool. Growing up in Brunswick, where there's hardly any open space, except the street. I love the pool and the lawns around it and wish they hadn't moved the fence. It quiet and family friendly whereas people are on top of each other in summer like at Brunswick. I agree with some of the others when they say have a 10 year strategy where the pool is fixed in stages like they did at Bru...

4 months ago

Close outdoor pool in North Coburg and turn it into a skate park, netball court. (Potentially relocate oxygen to this area). There are enough pools. Turn building over to Community use - old young intercultural - or employment agencies - Training etc . Street art, business incubator for young people. Does not need to be renovated just safe and with toilets.

5 months ago

The Coburg Olympic is a sleeping beauty at the moment. It's great to see renovations going on, but the pool will remain underused as long as there is no heating and no predictable opening hours.

With Shayyer's Pentridge Development going ahead now, we'll have 1000 (!) new flats in walking distance of the pool. So, here's my "idea":

Since Shayer have not shown much concern for the community so far (building 19-floor towers in spite of numerous complaints and objections by residents, pressuring council, cutting the much-loved Champ street tree in spite of protests etc.) -...

4 months ago

I swim at Coburg Leisure centre and would love to see the following as part of this centre:

- longer pool opening hours, particularly an earlier start on weekends (eg. 6am on Saturdays and Sundays)
- an additional indoor pool for lessons, so that more lanes can be freed up for lap swimming in the 25m pool
- in an ideal world, it would also be great to have an outdoor 50m pool as part of the same complex

4 months ago

This site has issues as when u write your comments then it asks u to log in the comment gets deleted so you are missing slot of comments here. Suggest you fix the site that comments are saved after login otherwise it's making it not a worthwhile exercise.

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