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I would like to see the Federal Government agencies that partner with councils in the delivery of major regional infrastructure projects, develop a better knowledge and understanding of the manner in which these projects evolve and progress from concept stage to construction stage, and the limited capacity of most councils to have such projects "shovel ready" at the time of submission of funding applications. The costs to bring significant projects to "shovel ready" can amount to 10% to 15% of project costs, funding for which is simply not able to be committed by councils in the hope that a grant opportunity (and more often on a competitive basis) will present itself. When these opportunities do arise, success can often be compromised by the inability to meet funding program thresholds and time frames, and protracted negotiation of variations to project scope and funding agreements.
A commitment from the Minister to open up discussion on a better infrastructure project delivery partnership between local and federal government, would be welcomed.

user picture David Evans · 1 year ago · 10 votes · 2 comments
I agree. I also think State plans should also be aligned along with any local and federal plans to ensure consistency is achieved with infrastructure planning in accordance with locally known problems to make best use of limited funding opportunities.
Kate Cramp · 1 year ago
This is a valuable suggestion, David. More can be done to build the pipeline of infrastructure projects from the ground up.
Sean lucy · 1 year ago
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