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Australia is an island continent surrounded by sea yet the Federal Government has devolved sea level rise predictions as a consequence of climate change to the States. The states (NSW) have in turn devolved these predictions and resultant coastal protection management planning to local government. As a consequence along the coast of NSW there are a variety of predicted sea level rises - a preposterous situation for such critical decision-making. I propose that the Federal Government be asked to take a National leadership role in predicting future sea level rises utilising the best climate change science available and set broad policy guidelines on coastal protection that mandate and guide state government decision making/law making for this critical issue.

user picture Ken Gainger · 1 year ago · 8 votes · 1 comments
The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility has recently launched a great tool, CoastAdapt, to support coastal councils to adapt to climate change (see, with Federal Government funding. It would be fantastic to see Federal Government commitment to ongoing funding to maintain this tool, as part of its leadership role.
LakeMacquarie CityCouncil · 1 year ago
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