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The Community Hub is under construction and is expected to open in early 2019.

It will provide a venue for events, displays, performances, meetings and other family activities that is much needed in central Kingston. It could be an art gallery one day and a theatre space or conference facility the next!

Give us your ideas on how you could use the space or what you would like to see happening there.

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1 year ago

An aquatic centre.
We need a 50 m pool. Heated.

Primary Schools and the local Highschools will benefit from a local facility.
Swimming lessons will be better accessible for all local
We need a 20 m pool for infant swimming lessons. ( heated)

Drowning in Kingborough is a serious threat to all Kingborough children. We are surrounded by water.
Students will benefit from locally joining a kingston swimming club.

It will also be a great hang out place for youth to meet and have fun together.
Currently parents have to travel with their children to Ho...

1 year ago

Kingston has an aging population with pressure being applied for them to be computer literate in order to comply with many organisations now requiring applications etc to be completed online.

The Kingston Hub should hopefully cater for structured learning opportunities for all ages but specifically for the computer challenged older age group.

1 year ago

Please make at least some of it dog-friendly. We need to integrate dogs in the community, not leave them at home in the backyard. Backyard dogs are the least well-behaved dogs. Dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere in the UK and the rest of Europe, including on public transport, in restaurants and hotels, with rarely a problem because they are well-integrated and accepted by the community for the value they provide.

1 year ago

Comfortably accessible for everyone and not car-centric and full of bitumen. Wheelchair, cyclist, pram and pedestrian friendly. Somewhere you relax and enjoy the space.

1 year ago

Assuming the objective of a Community Hub is to offer a facility that supports a range of activities, programs, services and events which address the social, physical and emotional residents of the community:
- Ensure the space is multi-purpose, flexible, accessible, affordable to community groups and members
- Offer affordable venue hire (or even free to not for profit groups if viable) to parenting groups, playgroups, health & wellbeing providers (yoga, pilates eg), training providers (ie first aid, adult literature etc etc).
- Also make available to sporting clubs and other community clubs an...

9 months ago

I would like to see a kids playground that matches what has been built in other areas such as on the eastern shore and other areas.
Kingston is one of the fastest growing municipalities and lacks a modern and decent kids playground with enough bbq areas for all, landscaped with soft grass areas and shade to chill and read a book, meditate, or relax on a weekend.
It should have native planting to attract native birdlife with explosions of colour when in flower that include grevilleas and flowering gums.
It could occasionally host weekend entertainment to support local musicians and other artists ...

1 year ago

Bring live music to Kingston! Local bands will keep the costs down and encourage local artists.

Kite flying or drone festival

Community picnic days

Maker/upskill days - get people to share skills like metal or wood working or art lessons

Planting workshops - what to plant at each time of the year

Get Mona to do an exhibition or instillation

1 year ago

Would love a nice grassy area under shade cloth to take my children to let them enjoy running around.. kept seperate to a play ground!

Area for outdoor Christmas carols! Something Kingston area seriously lacks

1 year ago

More facilities and activities for young people/teenagers - skate park, movie cinemas, giant chess set etc...

1 year ago

A cinema and a sheltered stage to host carols by candlelight

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