Why Kingborough?

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We want to know why you enjoy living in Kingborough and what is important to you.

This will enable us to make sure community needs are helping to shape Council's decisions in the management of Kingborough's infrastructure and services.

We welcome respectful comment and positive ideas.

This is an initial call for comment, we will be advertising other avenues for the community to have their say in the future.

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1 year ago

Find a way to unify the various shopping hubs in Kingston. Right now there are 6 - Kingston Town, the complex around Big W, two in John Street, the Coles one and the one down the bottom where Shiploads is. This makes shopping in Kingston a nightmare, as they're designed to encourage people to drive to each one, with separate carparks. After driving to a couple of them with kids I just want to give up and go home. Walking between them is a lousy experience too, and prevents anyone without a car, e.g. the elderly, from doing much shopping. Until this is resolved Kingston will never become a prope...

1 year ago

Scrapping the new Dog Management Policy and starting again, with fewer restrictions for dogs.

1 year ago

Greater use of Blackmans Bay beach by opening it to dog walking in early morning and late afternoon in summer and all day in winter.

10 months ago

SOUTHERN OUTLET PEDESTRIAN/CYCLEWAY Kingborough is a rapidly growing suburban area and only a short drive from the State Capital Hobart.
The Channel Highway has had a substantial expansion to allow safer cycling. This is a great asset for recreational cyclists.
The Southern Outlet, the busiest road in Tasmania has no facilities for cyclists or pedestrians to use as a commuter pathway. With the increased interest in Ebikes, the concept of commuting to Hobart has never been easier, if only for a safer alternative to the cannonball run along the dangerous highway.

Walking, running and cycling b...

7 months ago

Dog friendly area on Blackmans Bay beach

1 year ago

Great idea Council :) The older generation could benefit from outdoor exercise infrastructure. This could be near to existing and new playgrounds, and would help older people staying fitter, and, visual in our community. We are seeing upgrades of playgrounds for children, not so for older folk.

11 months ago

Public transport
The public transport to Kingston is quite good, however as Kingston has expanded a lot of the new areas are nowhere close to the current bus routes.
The council and metro should look at options to help improve the service into those areas for instance.
Adding a new route or
Looking at the current routes and altering them - examples could be
• Channel service – have one of the routes include Hutchins, Fairview, Lucas and Baynton Streets
• Huntingfield – have the route include Spring Farm Road

1 year ago

Create a village feel with more cafes and terrasses, car free zones, walking and cycling area. A good swimming pool for adults and children. Enhance the potential of the beaches as community area with events etc.

10 months ago

The reason I love living in Kingborough the most is because of Kingston Dog Beach. I take my dog there in all 4 seasons and it is so life affirming. I have met many wonderful dog walking locals and it makes me feel a part of the community as I do not work and live on my own.

With the weather getting hotter and ongoing water pollution a problem at our beaches, an olympic sized outdoor municipal swimming pool would be great. Open early and closing late on these long hot summer nights. More opportunity for community building for ALL ages whilst getting much needed wonderful physical exercise.


5 months ago

I would love Kingborough to become more outdoor friendly. I would love more off lead dog walks (not parks) including Blackmans Bay beach.
Safer cycle paths as well. Especially a cycle track to Sandy Bay possibly with a track along alum cliffs or off the road some how.

These changes would help both the physical and mental health of our community.

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