Managing Waste in Kingborough.

Managing Waste in Kingborough.

Council has adopted a Waste Management Strategy and will now work towards implementing actions to achieve five goals which were developed in consultation with the community.

The goals of the strategy are: increased waste avoidance and reduction; increased recycling rates; best practice waste and resource recovery; efficient and sustainable governance; and effective community engagement.

This page will be our online engagement portal for all things related to waste.

Green Waste Bins

Kingborough Waste Services (KWS) will be responsible for managing waste in Kingborough, and are now looking at the feasibility of a green waste kerbside collection service as identified in the Strategy. This service would not include food waste from your kitchen.

The parameters set out below are based on best practice services from similar areas, and before the recommendation is presented to Kingborough Council, we need your feedback.

The intent is to deliver a green waste kerbside collection service to all residents who currently receive a kerbside collection service, with the following exceptions:

  • Properties that are smaller than 400 square metres
  • Properties that are larger than 4,000 square metres
  • Unit complexes that have four or more units

Please note:

The service will attract a cost, either $80 per year for a fortnightly collection or a reduced rate for a monthly collectoin. 

Residents that live in properties included in the above exceptions, will be able to opt-in to receive the service. 

The bin will be a 240 litre bin.

As there will be no provision for residents to opt-out of the service, we need your feedback about the above parameters and on the cost and frequency of the service.

Please complete the short survey below so we can develop the right recommendation to Council.

Green Waste Bin Survey



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