North West Bay River Catchment Plan

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In partnership with a stakeholder working group, Council has recently updated the Catchment Management Plan for North West Bay River. We have prepared a draft and invite your thoughts on the condition of the catchment and what you think our priorities should be for action.

The primary purpose of the updated plan is to support action and re-engage the community in the conservation and management of the river and its natural and cultural values. 

What do you think about the draft plan?

Does it capture the biggest issues facing the catchment?

Do you agree with our assessment of the threats to the health of the river and the catchment?

Have we correctly rated the level of community concern about the issues that are important to you?

Submit your ideas on the forum and/or fill in the quick survey published to the right on this page. 

3 months ago

Comments on draft NWBR Catchment Management Plan Review
With the limited time to comment I have focused my attention on the content of the Plan Update which relates to Water Quantity.
In Section 1.5 on page 7 the update fails to include TASWATER as one party having management responsibility.
I contend this is an unfortunate omission because TASWATER is by far the major user of water from the North West Bay River Catchment.
The Management Plan was first produced in the late 1990s because of the failure of the Mountain System pipeline infrastructure causing the major landslip just below the Welli...

3 months ago

I am delighted that there is a recommendation to look into a track from Margate to Longley for walkers , horse riders ( of which I am one) and bike riders. In my eyes it can’t happen soon enough ... it would be fantastic for the community to utilise and with the use would likely motivate the community to assist with weed control. I’m aware of many others in the community who would use this track and I’m also very confident that we can rally a great number of volunteers to assist with Track construction. Ps walked a section recently however there are a number of fences that impede walking and it...

3 months ago

The rains in May 2018 did considerably damage the river banks, pulled trees and shrubs out and changed the river flow.

3 months ago

Thank you for providing this opportunity to comment on the above North West Bay River Catchment Management Plan 2018 – 2027 (the Plan).

I am thrilled to see a recommendation for a multi-user recreational track along the river.

My only issue is the recommendation that a feasibility study be undertaken to consider the benefits and impacts regarding a trail. I am deeply concerned regarding the expense and delay involved in such a study.

Taking into account that tracks along the River currently exist and have been used by walkers and horse riders for generations, is such a process superfluous...

3 months ago

Where are the costs & resourcing associated with this project? This is essential information for ratepayers prior to responding to any consultative process.

3 months ago

1. This consultation has been poorly promoted - no one I know is aware of it and you can see that by the lack of comments. Most people I know are concerned about these issues.

2. Continued subdivision and housing approval with associated land clearing will only contributed to further increase in habitat loss , more effluent (human and animal) input and sediment (+/-) pollutant run off into the river system and then the bay.

3. Weeds are a big problem that in my opinion are exacerbated by KC management (or lack of) practices. The plan states that weeds on roadsides are spread by vehicles and ma...

3 months ago

I make the following suggestions for consideration:
Page 4 the schematic layout is good. However, it should include "TASWATER extracts about 20% of the rivers annual flow from 9 takeoff points along the Pipeline Track, which provides about 20% of the total Hobart Water supply. Also TASWATER should be included in Appendix 1.

Page 9 Section 2.2 Water Quantity and Flow. Paragraph 1. Include the sentence. "Fern Tree and the Ridgeway communities are totally reliant of water from the Mountain Park System as there is no backup supply from the Ridgeway Reservoir.

Page 10 Section 2.3 ...

3 months ago

I only discovered this plan in the Kingborough Chronicle yesterday and public input is due by tomorrow. I was unaware of it before now and I feel the greater community probably are unaware of it also.
I just wanted to add quickly, that my family uses various waterholes along the river as a relief from swimming in the ocean and public pools due to eczema. I implore that access remains public e.g. Miandetta and Sandfly oval.

3 months ago

My concern is that there will be willy-nilly removal of vegetation from the waterways without understanding the impacts of removing. It is stated that the flow is "flashy". Big rain events will flow fast, removing soils etc and eroding banks - sending sediments and nutrients out to sea which will ultimately drastically reduce fertility in the surrounding land and adding in the possibility of algal blooms in the Bay.
Peter Andrews (see Australian Story etc) who has had big successes with waterway restoration recommends that willows, whilst not native - if already there can perform an importa...

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