In response to concerns raised by residents on Roslyn Avenue, Council resolved to recommend to the Transport Commission that a reduced speed limit of 40km/h be applied to Roslyn Avenue between Beach Road and Jindabyne Road. 

Council is seeking feedback from all who travel along / or who live on North Roslyn Avenue on the proposed speed reduction, and whether they support the proposal.

We need to know how you use the road and if you have any concerns regarding the speed limit.

The survey closes on Monday, 8 June 2020.

Council will then prepare a submission to the Transport Commission to apply for the speed limit adjustment based on the consultation. The results of the survey will be included in the submission to assist with the assessment of the proposal.

What are the concerns?

A petition containing 128 signatures from Roslyn Avenue residents was presented to Council in June 2017.

The petition noted that despite the completion of Algona Road and the Kingston Bypass and a reduction of the maximum speed limit to 50kph, traffic volume and speeds along northern Roslyn Avenue (NRA) continue to cause genuine safety concerns for residents.

A survey of residents of NRA found the following impacts detrimental to traffic and pedestrian safety as well as resident amenity:

  • excessive traffic speeds and volumes
  • difficulties accessing and exiting driveways
  • problems with road geometry
  • concerns regarding the footpath and guideposts
  • road accidents and near-misses
  • noise-related issues
  • domestic animal and wildlife concerns
  • lack of visitor/service vehicle parking.

The petition requested Council to assess the impacts and causes of these issues and options for reducing traffic volume and speed.

Council provided a follow up response to the petition at the Council Meeting on 9 December 2019 following further investigations, including an independent consultant report. 

Council Agenda - 9 December 2019

Council resolved to undertake a range of measures in response to the petition and subsequent investigations, including to recommend to the Transport Commission that the speed limit on Roslyn Ave between Beach Rd and Jindabyne Rd be reduced to 40km/h.

Council Minutes - 9 December 2019

North Roslyn Avenue Survey

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