Bruny Island Cat By-law
Bruny Island Cat By-law
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The By-law provides that an owner of a cat of more than six months of age must ensure that the cat is microchiped. This is consistent with the Cat Management Act.
I would suggest that this age be reduced to 3 months.
Reducing the microchip age to 3 months would :
1. Reduce the possibility of not being able to determine a cat found at large is at an age that requires a microchip.
2. Increase the chance that a young cat that strays will be reunited with its owner. This will particularly be the case with cats that may come to the island as a temporary or transient visitor (clause 7.2) as these cats are more at risk of straying or being lost when exposed to an unfamiliar environment or during transport.
3. Encourage breeders to microchip cats before sale.
4. Encourage new owners of young cats to microchip as soon as possible rather than waiting till the age limit applies.

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Simon Roberts
7 months ago · 1 vote · 1 comment
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I strongly support micro chipping to be done earlier than 6 months. It can be done during the kittens 1st vaccination. Cats at 6months can be sexually mature and will be at high risk of loss due to wandering.

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Jo Wheat
7 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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