Bruny Island Cat By-law
Bruny Island Cat By-law
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I have no problem with responsible cat ownership , managing strays or protecting the health and welfare of pet cats, however - the push for the strict control of cats on Bruny was originally explained as the need to rid the island of feral cats. Funding was granted (federally I understand) the project being a pet idea of a Federal politician who wanted to create 5 cat free iconic islands ,including Kangaroo Is. , Fraser Is., Bruny Is. ,and two others. We live in the North with two 16+ year old Burmese cats. They have been neutered and micro chipped before coming to Bruny. We have been here 16+ years and have seen one feral cat during that time. So the focus of funding being to eradicate feral cats from the. North seems slightly misplaced. Surely the use of funding to make some start on reducing feral cats where people say they are often seen - in the Southern areas, would make more sense. Now we have the whole situation skewed into a new by law to focus on pet cats!
Our cats are old, cherished, companion animals. They spend most of their days sleeping and are locked in at night. We still feel under pressure from other residents in the South who seem to have an almost hysterical attitude towards pet/ companion cats. They tolerate wandering dogs ( reported almost week.y on Bruny Notices) but cannot understand people who love cats!
Cats are small, quiet, and affectionate animals. They do not attack people like some dogs, they are safer with the elderly and with children. Trapping and poisoning them , by accident, to try to eradicate non existent ferals in the North is an over reaction.

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Well said Woodlands - my feelings exactly. The proposed by-law as it stands seems very draconian and as Woodlands so eloquently put it, "hysterical" - moving from a policy of no containment to complete containment is wishful thinking. It will only catch those who are probably trying to do the 'right thing' - ie register their animal, desex their animal, microchip their animal, try to contain their animal particularly at night. As a resident on the South of BI, neither I nor my neighbours have ever seen a feral cat - we live in a relatively built-up area, so maybe they aren't particularly attracted to those places with dogs, etc. Yes, the focus has suddenly shifted to pet cats. I'm very supportive of the feral cat eradication programmes on BI and elsewhere, but there seems to be an obsession with the complete containment of domestic animals, when, largely, I see no evidence from the surveys, that they can be the huge problem they are being made out to be. I'm happy to be convinced.
Like Woodlands, I have also felt terribly pressured by other residents - interesting when their dogs are running around, unleashed, killing wallabies and nesting birds in broad daylight. We won't mention that many are unregistered - has there ever been a Council ranger monitoring dog registrations? How is that going to work with cats?
It also concerns me that some may take it upon themselves to become 'vigilantes' - illegally trapping and killing cats, perhaps feral, perhaps not. I'm sure this is already happening. With such a by-law, it may appear to such people that the Council condones such behaviour. How is that going to be regulated?
The question of registration needs to be clarified. What is the purpose of registration? If it is to trace an animal's owner, then microchipping already does this. If it is to raise revenue specifically for cat control, then great. If, however, the registration revenue disappears into the general Council accounts, then no, I don't agree with it. Also, what happens if my cat is registered with another Council? Do I have to purchase another registration? Does this happen to dog owners?
I noticed that there has of course been the proposal that a full-time Community Ranger be stationed on BI. Please get this done - not only to help with this programme, but also for all the other infringements that occur around the place every day - illegal burning off, illegal firewood collection, illegal dumping, dogs off leash, illegal camping,..It's all very well having by-laws, but unless the Council makes some effort to enforce them, they really aren't worth the paper they were written on.
I would like to see a 'gentler', more introductory approach to the complete containment of domestic cats on BI.. I think education and promotion of the programme would be a better option. I have lived in 7 different council areas in my life - admittedly, times are changing about cat control, but my observation has been that such programs seem to work more successfully when residents are given enthusiastic encouragement to change their behaviour. The 'big-stick' approach often turns those most likely to 'offend' into "shoulder shruggers", who won't and don't care. As it stands, this by-law will probably be completely ignored by such people. It will only make an impact on those who understand its motivation.

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7 months ago
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Everyone should read the latest update on Bruny Cat Management from June 2018 to February 2019 prepared by Kaylene Allen at the Kingborough Council.
There is a huge amount of work being done on a various projects across the Island in addition to the work being done with the Federal funding on the 5 Islands Project. One of these projects has indicated that there are more feral cats on North Bruny than appeared to be the case from the camera monitoring. The chances of attracting more funding to spend on this expensive exercise will be significantly reduced if the Kingborough Council does not have strict control on domestic cats.

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8 months ago
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