Bruny Island Airstrip

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Council has decided the Bruny Island Airstrip should be closed as it is only now used for private purposes (a business as opposed to any public/emergency services) and the expenditure of public funds to upgrade and maintain the Airstrip cannot be justified. 

Expressions of interest from interested parties were previously sought by Council. It was felt that none of the submissions adequately dealt with the current Airstrip shortcomings or resolved Council's existing concerns. The decision to close the Airstrip was made following independent advice to Council. The estimated costs required to bring the Airstrip up to a suitable standard are considerable, along with a rising maintenance cost. There are also encroachments on to the adjoining private property that are difficult to resolve.

The consultation period will close at 5pm on Friday 29 June. A report will be considered by Council following this, which will include any submissions received.

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1 year ago

Any move to close Bruny Island airstrip should be strongly opposed.

The Council's assertion that it is only used for private purposes is incorrect and Council knows, or ought to know, this. Island Scenic Flights operate there commercially and have done for some time. As part of establishing their operations they invested in improvements to the airstrip including a terminal building and aircraft parking. They have also much improved the safety of the over water approach and departure routes. In addition, Par Avion operates into the airstrip commercially. These commercial operations and improve...

1 year ago

There is a commercial operator there -

Par Avion also operate there commercially,

What upgrades are needed? What standard are you trying to achieve? Why not charge a landing fee?

1 year ago


I am a fulltime resident of Bruny Island and I do NOT support the airstrip staying open for private business.

I live a Simpson's Bay directly underneath one of the advertised 'scenic flight' paths. My private enjoyment of my property is compromised by tourists flying over. My private life should not be someone else's "scenic" profit. The plane is noisy and on beautiful evenings multiple flights happen within a short period of time directly over my house. This is not what I moved to Bruny for.

I can not state strongly enough how much this infringes on my peac...

1 year ago

Closing the Bruny Island airstrip is a backward step.
If the only consideration is emergency services the council is being shortsighted.
It is an island, any and all forms of access should be retained and managed for the future.

If the emergency services argument is to be considered then the council should note that much of the firefighting efforts in Australia are now being based around fixed wing as well as helicopters. It is 15 minutes flight time from Cambridge aerodrome to Bruny, which is a significant ferry. Bruny may well be required in the future for wildfire fighting operations in the S...

1 year ago

My name is Craig Hardy and I write to you with my concerns on the kingborough
Council considering closing the Bruny Island air strip. My Family and I live in the north of the state where air strips on remote islands are a major form of accessibility to these areas. I understand that helicopter is now used for a majority of emergency/patient transfers these days and Bruny island has a ferry service in daylight hours but to loose a staple of connection like a airstrip would be detrimental to an Island like Bruny island as it offers so much potential for the future not only in the security of a local ...

1 year ago

I submitted an EOI offering to take on the airstrip. I committed in writing that I would pay for a caveat ensuring that it continued in perpetuity as a public airstrip which would remain accessible to all members of the community. In my opinion, I addressed all points of the council's EOI paper, including that of risk and liability mitigation. Peter Steineger of Island Scenic Flights also submitted an EOI offering to Lease the strip, also with the promise of a caveat and also with the promise of making the strip available to the community. Disappointingly, the council has made their current de...

1 year ago

Island Scenic Flights operate there, looks like they have 100's of flights a year that offers a unique experience for visitors, that can't be matched from the ground or water.

1 year ago

It is always cheaper to keep an airstrip open than to build a new one. Public funds built this strip many years ago and whilst public funds are required to keep it open, they are minimal in the greater scheme of things. It continues to provide facilities to local residents and visitors alike. What upgrades are required? The strip is in good condition and is suitable for its intended purpose. Tourism is increasing in Tasmania and closing this strip will cut off a fast and efficient means of visiting Bruny. Don't close the strip!

1 year ago

If the council provided a long lease to Island Scenic Flights such that the organisation had the confidence to invest in the site and extend facilities then how can Council just pull the plug on the airstrip?
If maintenance costs to the council are high is it not an option to reduce the lease costs to the on-site operator but in turn have the operator provide the maintenance ? After all the operator has a vested interest in ensuring the airstrip is well maintained.

As it is perfectly adequate for those using the airstrip now, what is the "suitable" standard that the Council is s...

1 year ago

Bruny Island airstrip provides a wonderful field for short field take off and landing practice.
I would willingly pay any reasonable landing fee. it is also a wonderful spot to visit.

Rather than closing the strip I believe it should be promoted as a fly in destination. Fuel and food would be wonderful. perhaps the private operator could do this?

Increasingly air transport moulds our country. It seems essential for private and commercial flight training. Where will our young pilots train in Tasmania? Clarence City Council has two commercial aerodromes which contibute directly and indirectly...

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