Recreation Road footpath - north or south side??

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How would you want to see it done? North side, or south side?

The council intends to pave a footpath on Recreation Road from Station Road towards Mangakahia Road. There are reasons why it should be on the north side, and others for it to be on the south side.

The footpath will be a shared use path. That is, cycles and people, and it likely to be 2.5m wide.

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2 years ago

The south side because all of the people who live up the western end of town who want to walk to Lindvart Park on Saturday mornings

2 years ago

A footpath on the south side would go well with a new BMX track and junior cycle park on the corner

2 years ago

Why not let the community take ownership of this as Paihia does, and do both sides. Surely a bunch of locals could organize this without too much problem. PD workers could do the digging, Lions/Rotary could supervise and organise some funding for concrete, and Northland College kids could join in to make some art that might make the footpath attractive on both sides. This could make a difference if all were involved, and not just leaving it to the council to do. How hard is that?

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