City to River - Riverfront Activation

Between 11 and 23 August, the Draft Concept Plan for the Riverfront Activation Project was open for public feedback. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. The full Engagement Report is now available for download.

At its September 21, Council endorsed the Concept Plan for the Riverfront Precinct, paving the way for implementation planning to start.

See final Concept Plan

Project Overview

The Riverfront Activation Project is the first stage of the City to River Masterplan, a 20-year plan which aims to enhance and activate the Wimmera River Precinct and its link to the Central Activity District of Horsham. The City to River project has been divided into sub-precincts to allow projects to proceed in a staged, prioritised manner.

The Wimmera River is one of Horsham's significant natural, social and cultural assets. The Wimmera River Activation project seeks to build on this strength by exploring the creation of new active spaces for recreation and build and improve access and use of existing open space and recreational assets. Improving links to the central activity district is also important.

The Precinct

The Riverfront Precinct focusses on the area west of the rowing clubroom to east of the Wimmera Bridge. Assets located close to, or in the precinct include, Adventure Island and the Pump Track, the Botanical Gardens playground, bike and walking tracks, the rowing and angling clubrooms, miniature railway, the actual waterway, riverfront and the caravan park.

Community Reference Group

A Community Reference Group (CRG) was established for this precinct in April 2020. The CRG was charged with ensuring that quality and effective community engagement was undertaken by Council in the development of the concept and schematic plans for this project. See side bar for further details about the CRG.

Project Timeline

2018- 2019

City to River 20 Year Masterplan developed

Nov 2019

Council endorses the Master Plan with amendments. Seeks detailed concept and schematic designs for the Riverfront, including identifying the site for a café and a waterplay area.

March 2020

Community Reference Group (CRG) is formed to guide effective engagement for the project, taking on lessons learnt from the Master Plan process, to ensure the community’s voice is heard and feedback is acknowledged. Tract Landscape Architects contracted to project.

April 2020

CRG and Tract meet for the first time.

Review previous feedback from the Masterplan linked to the river and riverfront.

CRG develops engagement framework to inform development of draft Concept Plan

May 2020

Funding grant update is lodged with Federal Government.

Draft Concept Plan for riverfront presented to CRG.

June 2020

Covid stimulus grants through Sport & Recreation Victoria lodged for $3 million natural waterplay park.

CRG aware of funding and endorsed by Council at June Council meeting.

Feedback on Draft Concept Plan provided by CRG. Plans updated.

June - August 2020

Some 32 community groups, organisations, businesses, event organisers, technical/cultural experts, land managers and planners view draft Concept Plan and provide constructive feedback. Plans updated.

11 - 23 August 2020

CRG invites broader public to provide feedback on Draft Concept Plans.

Feedback collated and informs final Concept Plan and development of detailed schematic plans.

Late September 2020

Plan presented back to CRG and adopted by Council at September 21 Meeting.

Late 2020 - early 2021

Pending funding applications, works start on first stage.

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