City to River Riverfront Activation

Project Information

The City to River Riverfront Activation (Stage 1) project will focus on the Riverfront precinct from Wotonga Drive to East of the Western Highway bridge

This project will see the following work undertaken:

  • Detailed concept design for the Riverfront Activation (Stage 1) including, new community meeting place, water play space, boardwalks, outdoor seating, shade, landscaping, lighting, signage and interpretation and café site identification.
  • Schematic design, detailed design and tender documentation for Riverfront Activation (Stage 1) works.
  • Construction of Riverfront Activation (Stage 1)

Detailed Concept Design Phase

A Community Reference Group (CRG) has been formed to work with Council to develop the detailed concept design for the riverfront.  The CRG includes representatives of key stakeholder groups as well three community representatives.

Members of the CRG are:

Community representatives

Bob Redden

Andrew Sostheim

Phil Lohrey

Organisation representatives

John Gorton, Aboriginal Advisory Committee

Michael Stewart, Barengi Gadjin Land Council

Steve Parish, Angling Club

Sue Jones/Glenn Coffey, Horsham Caravan Park

Ray White, Rowing Club

Di Bell, Horsham Rural Ratepayers & Residents

Zach Currie, Youth Council

Gary Aitken, Wimmera River Improvement Committee

Council representatives

Kevin O’Brien, Director Community Wellbeing

Carolyn Hamdorf, Manager Arts, Culture & Recreation

Sue Newall, City to River -Riverfront Precinct- Project Manager

Mandy Kirsopp - Coordinator Recreation & Open Space

The CRG had its first meeting on 21 April 2020 and a follow-up on 23 April 2020 to initiate the first phase of engagement for the riverfront project.

Work undertaken by the CRG group in the first two meetings has included:

  • An introduction for the group members
  • An overview of the riverfront project
  • A review of comments on the riverfront extracted from the City to River engagement in 2019
  • Development of a Community Engagement Plan to be further reviewed and endorsed
  • Introduction to the project design team
  • Discussion on the format for a public webinar to provide information as part of the first phase of engagement
  • Nomination process for electing the CRG Chairperson

For further information please contact Kevin O'Brien Director Communities & Place on 5382 9743

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