Parking Management Plan

Council is seeking community representatives to join its Parking Management Plan Stakeholder Reference Committee.  This committee is being established to support Council develop its Parking Management Plan and to assist in the identification of issues around car parking in Horsham. This representative reference group will be comprised of representatives from key sectors within the study area including the retail and business sector as well as the community representatives now called for. Applications close 12 Noon Friday 14 August

To register you interest please complete the application form by addressing the selection criteria.

Horsham Rural City Council is developing a Parking Management Plan for the Central Business District and surrounding areas. The key aims for this plan are to:

  • Develop some guiding principles for the management of parking within the retail core area and review and identify the appropriate time restrictions and their locations.
  • Develop policy relating to the management of parking permits including permits for special events, organisations with special parking needs and in residential areas where needed.
  • Identify appropriate locations of different types of parking (eg Disabled, Long Vehicle, Loading Bays etc)


As the first step in the engagement on this project Council is establishing a representative reference group from key sectors within the community to assist in the identification of issues around car parking in Horsham. This initial phase of the project will be to get an understanding of work undertaken previously and then to utilise the expertise of the reference group to build on that knowledge base. Council plans to engage with the community in the latter part of the year after this initial phase is completed.

The plan will address several key issues at an operational level including:

  • Allocation and location of parking spaces for different user groups (notably disability parking provisions and spaces for longer vehicles)
  • Allocation of short and longer-term parking spaces geographically to the central business zone to ensure an adequate turnover of car spaces
  • Allocation of hours/zones per street in CBD
  • Signage and wayfinding for alternative parking areas
  • A better balance of long and short-term parking in prime areas
  • Location of all-day parking within a walk of 5-10 min to free up current long-term parking.


Council’s current parking meters are obsolete and a cost drain on Council’s operations and therefore on the rate base. A plan will ensure that the technologies used provide a cost effective and inexpensive solution for Horsham’s many visitors from surrounding Shires, tourists and local residents whilst protecting Horsham’s rate base.

This project is not about the urban design of car parking spaces. It is about ensuring that we provide the appropriate time restrictions in the right locations. This will ensure that the community is able to shop, visit, do business, have meals and attend leisure facilities in Horsham in a relaxed and accessible way whilst ensuring there is an appropriate turnover of car spaces to support retail and other businesses.

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