Parking Management Plan

This project is not about the urban design of car parking spaces. The plan does not change angle parking to parallel parking or vice versa. It is about ensuring that we provide the appropriate time restrictions in the right locations. This will ensure that the community is able to shop, visit, do business, have meals and attend leisure facilities in Horsham in a relaxed and accessible way whilst ensuring there is an appropriate turnover of car spaces to support retail and other businesses.

Horsham Rural City Council has reviewed the time restrictions across the business district and their locations as well as the locations of all types of parking including disability (DDA), short-term, long-term, loading bays, taxi ranks and long vehicle parking.

Overall, the aim is to provide a better customer experience with parking in Horsham by:

  • Supporting business activity by encouraging the turn-over (churn) of on street parking spaces, while providing a simplified zone arrangement that enables shoppers time to complete their visit to the central business district without having to continuously return to their car to top up meters or move to another location.
  • Providing ease of access to all types of users.
  • Recognising the role of Horsham as a regional centre for business, commerce and recreation.
  • Optimising available street space in an equitable, fair and transparent manner.
  • Maintaining community access to local businesses, services and amenities.
  • Balancing the needs of residents, local workers, businesses, shoppers and commuters.

The proposed time restrictions and changes to the locations of disability (DDA), short-term, long-term, loading bays, taxi ranks and long vehicle parking can be viewed on the maps which can be downloaded from the right side bar. The entire draft Parking Management Plan can also be downloaded from the side bar, please be aware it is a large file approximately 28MB.


Details of all the proposed changes can be viewed in the foyer of the Council offices in Roberts Avenue from 29 March. You can make a submission using our online form or by email to or in writing to ‘Parking Management Plan’ PO Box 511, HORSHAM, VIC 3402. Further in person and alternative methods to provide feedback will be announced soon.

Submissions close Sunday 2 May at 5:00pm.

As part of the review a community-based Project Reference Group was established to provide local knowledge and guidance as to what the issues were in Horsham’s commercial precinct.

  • The extensive number and scattered nature of parking restrictions were confusing, particularly to visitors to Horsham.
  • One hour car parking did not give sufficient time for the full range of activities one could expect to undertake whilst visiting a central business district, eg: shopping, commerce, meals and coffee, causing inconvenience to those parked in such bays.
  • Consolidating 1P and 2P into one time limit (two hours) will reduce public confusion and provide sufficient time for all activities to be completed without having to return to the meter or to move the car. Any longer than two hours will adversely affect parking turnover.
  • A designated area signposted as a two-hour parking (2P) precinct would also reduce the cause of confusion to visitors and locals.
  • The 2-hour time limit is considered the appropriate time to support business activity, create churn and provide equitable access.
  • The large number of short-term parking time restrictions was confusing and rationalising these to a single 30-minute time slot would provide the opportunity for short-term parkers to undertake any one of the full range of activities such as going to the Post Office, a dry cleaner, a bottle shop, the Library or to quickly pay a bill.
  • Visitors to Horsham have difficulty locating long-vehicle car spaces and signage was needed to support these visitors.
  • The ad hoc nature of the business and community permit system was inequitable and did not support the aim of creating churn to help maximise the number of people having access to the parking bays in the business district.
  • Employee and fleet vehicles should be managed off street where possible.
  • There were many extra locations that would benefit from DDA accessible parking bays in highly frequented locations.
  • DDA parking should be time limited to two hours to support churn and maximise access.
  • Some DDA spaces were non-compliant and needed a full audit.
  • The long-term parking spaces (unrestricted and 4P) were generally in appropriate locations
  • No additions or other changes to the location of metered spaces are recommended.
  • Parking restrictions after 5pm are redundant.

Maps are available to download (on the right of this page) that show the locations of all different parking restrictions and locations within Horsham’s CBD.

They show the location of all:

  • 2-hour parking spaces
  • 30 minute (short term) parking spaces
  • Location of disability (DDA) parking spaces
  • Location of taxi ranks and loading bays
  • Location of long vehicle car parking and new directional signage to those car parks

Key changes include

  • The consolidation of all 1-hour parking spaces into 2-hour parks.
  • The consolidation of all short-term parking (10, 15, 20 and 30 mins) into 30 min parking.
  • Provision of an extra 17 DDA spaces spread across the business precinct.
  • The removal of exclusive reserved parking which is to be made available and accessible to the general public.
  • The moving of fleet vehicles off streets.
  • Parking restrictions to apply 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and 9am-12pm Saturday.
  • All DDA spaces to be limited to 2P to facilitate access for all.
  • Long-vehicle parking directional signage be established in strategic locations to help point visitors to these without having to do a U-turn.
  • An addition of 2P in the northern end on both sides of Madden Street replacing unrestricted parking.
  • An extension of 2P parking outside Bunnings in Wilson Street, replacing unrestricted parking.
  • Replacement of 4P parking in McLachlan Street with 2P between Firebrace and Urquhart.


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