Council acknowledge the disruption and uncertainty COVID-19 has created within our community. We appreciate that for many, addressing immediate challenges will be the priority at this time.

Because of the disruption of COVID-19, we have:

  • extended the engagement period for round two, to 21 July 2020;
  • cancelled the face-to-face open house and workshops planned for 21-22 April;
  • replaced the face-to-face engagement activities previously advertised with other ways of getting involved; and
  • postponed the intensive program of engagement events until mid-year 2020 - Stay tuned for details!

We will post updates here on how to get involved.

Horsham South Structure Plan

Council is working on the future development of Horsham South. Unplanned and uncoordinated development has placed pressure on services and infrastructure, created land use conflicts and affected the character of Horsham South. Council is in the early stages of preparing a Structure Plan to guide future development.

The Horsham South Structure Plan will be a plan based on a shared vision for the future of Horsham South. 

The Horsham South Structure Plan is needed in order to ensure that Horsham South develops in a coordinated way. This planning will allow infrastructure needs such as traffic and transport connectivity, sewer, water and drainage to be delivered in a sequenced way, avoiding land use conflicts and development limitations in the future.

The Structure Plan will identify a future vision for the area that captures the community’s objectives and aspirations. It will also provide a broader assessment of opportunities and issues that will need to be considered for the period beyond the 20-year horizon.

The Plan will provide the foundation for the pursuit of more detailed statutory planning provisions, amendments to the Planning Scheme as well as design and development initiatives for specific areas and activities in Horsham South. It will also guide Council policies, programs and initiatives relating to community, economic, social, environmental and physical initiatives.

Community and stakeholder engagement

As part of Phase 1, technical analysis was undertaken and a Background Report was prepared. The Background Report outlines issues and opportunities in Horsham South.

Following the Background Report, a draft Key Strategic Directions Discussion Paper was prepared. In late 2019 the community were invited to get involved in round one of the engagement process. 

How to get involved in round two

In response to what we heard in round one, we have prepared the ‘Horsham South Emerging Option Discussion Paper’ (discussion paper). We invite you to give us your feedback. See below for ways to get involved.

The discussion paper provides a snapshot of what we heard through round one. It also contains an updated vision and planning directions, prepared in response to what we heard. We have used words and maps to show the ideas. The discussion paper shows a general plan for the future development of Horsham South (known as a development scenario). We are looking for feedback on these ideas.

When round two finishes, we will review all feedback. We will then update the  development scenario. We will do this to reflect the feedback as much as possible. The final development scenario will inform the Horsham South Structure Plan by providing a general direction for development. It will also identify key issues to be resolved in the next stage of the project.

You can get involved now by:

Reviewing the Horsham South Emerging Option Discussion Paper.

You can access the document by:

  • Downloading a copy (see link right) 
  • Requesting a hard copy of the report and feedback form via post by texting “Horsham South, [ADD name and address]” to 0447 129 279
  • Downloading the video presentation - to be uploaded late April

You can provide feedback by:

  1. Sharing your thoughts via the online forum
  2. Submitting an online form by clicking here 
  3. Sending a hardcopy feedback form by downloading here to PO Box 511, Horsham VIC 3400
  4. Calling Leah Wittingslow, Mesh Livable Urban Communities on 0417050122


  1. An intensive program of engagement events will run in mid-year 2020. Stay tuned for details!

Feedback can be provided until 21 July 2020


Following the feedback period, ideas in the ‘Horsham South Emerging Option Discussion Paper’ will be refined and a preferred development scenario will be finalised. The final development scenario will inform the Horsham South Structure Plan by providing a general direction for development and by identifying key issues to be resolved.

Project timeline

March 2019

Project kicks off with a literature review of background research, reports and data. Technical reports are prepared.

April-June 2019

A technical working group and Councillors workshop issues and draft vision and design principles.

July- August 2019

A draft Issues and Opportunities Report is prepared and reviewed by the Project Control Group.

September-October 2019

Material is prepared for round one of the community engagement phase.

November 2019

The wider community is invited to be involved in setting the vision and direction for Horsham South. 61 people participate.

December 2019

  • All submissions are reviewed, assessed and summarised.
  • Council consider all written feedback including issues and suggestions.
  • Council decide on any modifications to the vision statement and strategic directions in response to community feedback.

March - July 2020

  • The Emerging Option Discussion Paper is prepred. It provides a snapshot of what we heard from the community through round 1 of the engagement process. It also presents an Emerging Development Senario.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement on the Emerging Option Discussion Paper.

August - September 2020

  • A preferred development scenario is identified in response to round 2 engagement response.
  • Council will decide on a final development scenario.

November 2020

  • The final development senario will be used to inform the Structure Plan and will provide a general direction for growth and development in Horsham South and identifies key issues to be resolved.
  • Council will start the Structure Plan.



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