Horsham South Structure Plan

Update January 2021

Phase 3 including Round Two of Community Engagement has concluded. We have reviewed all feedback and have prepared an Emerging Option Community Engagement Summary Report

A summary report of the September 2020 webinar series will be made available soon. 

Next Steps

Phase 4 is about to commence. This will involve the preparation of a Draft Structure Plan for Horsham South. 

The Emerging Option Plan developed in Phase 3 will be used to guide the preparation Horsham South Structure Plan. The Structure Plan will aim to reflect the feedback you provided during Round 2 of Community and Stakeholder Engagement as much as possible. 


Phase 3 Update March 2020

The Emerging Development Scenario for Horsham South

Council listened to your ideas and concerns during Round 1 of Engagement and has since prepared the Horsham South Emerging Option Discussion Paper (known as a development scenario). It aims to incorporate this input and is reflected in a series of maps and diagrams.

The emerging development scenario provides:

  • high level goals and principles for the direction of planned growth;
  • an integrated vision for the desired future development for Horsham South; and
  • key considerations and issues to be resolved.

The development scenario is a precursor to the preparation of a formal Structure Plan.

View the video presentation (opens in new window)

Why do we need a structure plan?

Horsham South has been experiencing unplanned and uncoordinated development. As a result this has placed pressure on services and infrastructure, created land use conflicts and affected the character of the area.

A Structure Plan is a planning tool that provides a ‘blueprint’ for how localised development within a defined area will occur beyond the 20-year horizon. For Horsham South a Structure Plan is needed to ensure that the area develops in a coordinated way.

A Structure Plan will:

  • address infrastructure needs such as traffic and transport connectivity
  • plan and deliver sewer, water and drainage in a sequenced way
  • avoid land use conflicts and development limitations
  • protect valued characteristics and culturally sensitive places
  • identify the need for community facilities, amenity and local convenience retail 

The Structure Plan will also guide the assessment of planning permit applications and amendments to the Horsham Planning Scheme.


Following the feedback period, ideas in the ‘Horsham South Emerging Option Discussion Paper’ will be refined and a preferred development scenario will be finalised. The final development scenario will inform the Horsham South Structure Plan by providing a general direction for development and by identifying key issues to be resolved.

Project timeline

March 2019

Project kicks off with a literature review of background research, reports and data. Technical reports are prepared.

April-June 2019

A technical working group and Councillors workshop issues and draft vision and design principles.

July- August 2019

A draft Issues and Opportunities Report is prepared and reviewed by the Project Control Group.

September-October 2019

Material is prepared for round one of the community engagement phase.

November 2019

The wider community is invited to be involved in setting the vision and direction for Horsham South. 61 people participate.

December 2019

  • All submissions are reviewed, assessed and summarised.
  • Council consider all written feedback including issues and suggestions.
  • Council decide on any modifications to the vision statement and strategic directions in response to community feedback.

March - July 2020

  • The Emerging Option Discussion Paper is prepred. It provides a snapshot of what we heard from the community through Round 1 of the engagement process. It also presents an Emerging Development Senario.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement on the Emerging Option Discussion Paper.

September - December 2020

  • Webinar series held to openly discuss the development scenario and the ideas captured within the Emerging Option Discussion Paper.
  • Council prepares a summary report of feedback received.

January 2021

  • The development senario and the key strategic directions detailed in the Emerging Option Dicussion Paper will be used to inform the Structure Plan. Together they will provide a general direction for growth and development in Horsham South and identify key issues to be resolved.
  • Council will start the preparation of a Structure Plan.



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