Local Government Act 2020 - Draft Documents Available for Comment

The Council Election Period Policy has been previously adopted by Council in October 2019, and forms Chapter 7 of the new draft Governance Rules.

Feedback and comments on this policy forming Chapter 7 of the draft Governance Rules can be forwarded to council@hrcc.vic.gov.au by COB Thursday 6 August 2020.

Noting that it is a requirement of the Local Government Act 1989 (Section 93B(2) that the Council Election Period policy be reviewed 12 months prior to each general election of Council.

We are developing Governance Rules, a Transparency Policy and a Council Expenses Policy in line with the new Local Government Act 2020 and we invited comment on these documents in late July. Feedback on these documents is now closed. These policy documents are intended to formalise Council's commitment to good governance and open and transparent decision-making and are a result of the new Act. We have created a summary of the key changes that will occur with the introduction the Governance Rules this sets out the most significant differences between the old meeting procedure (as set out in Local Law 1) and the new procedure (set out in the new Governance Rules).

The new Local Government Act 2020 is being rolled out in four implementation stages and the second stage is currently underway, with a series of policy changes required to be completed by 1 September.

Thank you to those who made submissions or completed a form.

Final drafts of these documents will be presented to the 24 August Council meeting. Councillors will consider all submissions received prior to making any formal decision on these documents.

The new Act was passed by the Victorian Parliament in March 2020 and replaces the Local Government Act 1989.  It is a principles-based Act, removing unnecessary regulatory and legislative prescription around how councils could, among other things make decisions, conduct public consultation processes, run meetings and make information available to the public. The five principles that have guided the development of the new Act are community engagement, strategic planning, financial management, public transparency and service performance. Further information is available on the State Government’s Engage Victoria website.

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