City Oval Sawyer Park Precinct Redevelopment

Horsham Rural City Council is planning for the long term future of the Wimmera River Precinct and Central Activity District. The aim is to transform and revitalise the area to make it a more attractive place to live, work, visit and invest in.

As a part of this plans are being developed for the City Oval/Sawyer Park precinct. This will include how this area fits with the adjacent precincts.

To develop a plan for this precinct a community and stakeholder reference group is being created. The City Oval/Sawyer Park Precinct Community Reference Group will provide advice to the project from key stakeholders as well as community representatives on behalf of the broader community.

Council is seeking community representatives for this group. Further information including how to apply is available in the documents in the right sidebar.

The City Oval/Sawyer Park Precinct Community Reference Group will:

•        Evaluate and provide advice on engagement

•        Respond to requests for support, assistance and advice on particular engagement and design elements from the City Oval/Sawyer Park Precinct Internal Reference Group

•        Work closely with the HRCC Internal Reference Group  to identify specific design elements of the City Oval/Sawyer Park Precinct project

•        Act as ambassadors/advocates for the project, accepting that there may be times where differences of opinion occur, seek to explore differences through the agreed ‘Working Agreements’ and seek constructive compromises by the majority.

•        Agree to the approach, purpose and responsibilities for undertaking the agreed Engagement Framework and Plan

•        Be active participants in the engagement process with Council staff and the community.

•        Ensure meetings will not go later than stated

1. Maintain the current sporting role and upgrade to meet all contemporary facility standards including universal design;

2. Increase public access to and through the site by allowing greater permeability, removing fences, encouraging passive recreation and creating an inviting public realm and interface;

3. Improve integration of City Oval with surrounding areas including Sawyer Park, the Riverfront and key pedestrian access routes to the CAD;

4. Upgrade City Oval as Horsham’s premier regional AFL/cricket venue;        

5. Upgrade City Oval to a regional standard to enable regional AFL and cricket sporting events and other non-sporting events to be hosted. Upgrades required are likely to include expansion of the size of the field, a new multi-purpose pavilion and clubrooms (including fully accessible and female friendly facilities) and covered spectator areas. Delivery of a second netball court would assist in club training and matches.

6. Recognise the role of Sawyer Park as an events space ensuring it is fit for purpose and meets future demand so as to activate the Wimmera River.

7. Recognise the significance of the Cenotaph. Consider its future development.

8. Acknowledge the role of the Miniature Railway in activating the riverfront and work with the Wimmera Live Steam and Model Engineering Society to explore design options and ongoing operating model as part of the next phase of planning and design process.


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