Hepburn Shire Council is undertaking the development of a 10 year Playspace Strategy

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Hepburn Shire Council has developed a Playspace Strategy to guide the design, management and maintenance of all playspaces within the municipality for the next 10 years. 

This strategy has been developed using community feedback, municipal analysis and research into current industry best practice. Hepburn Shire Play is for Everyone Vision is 

‘Hepburn Shire will have a network of engaging, inclusive and sustainable playspaces that are reflective of our people and our places.’


Why is the council doing this?

The new playspace strategy is a requirement under the Hepburn Shire Recreation and Open Space Strategy 2016-2021.

The purpose is to ensure that:

  • play spaces are planned and designed to provide quality play experiences
  • the community is engaged in playspace design
  • diversity of play opportunities are incorporated into play spaces
  • play spaces are accessible to people of all abilities
  • play spaces are accessible by active transport from most homes
  • play spaces are safe and well maintained

The Hepburn Shire Playspace Strategy needs to be developed to create an operational development and management plan to guide the future strategic direction, priorities of infrastructure development, asset management and activation of playspaces throughout the municipality.

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