Prime Minister, there are some medieval laws in the criminal law that legitimise and reinforce a culture of hate? One example is the continual existence of the loophole in QLD law (and New South Wales Law) and in some other states in more or less degree that allows for people accused of murder to defend themselves in court by claiming “gay panic” or homosexual advance. This appears to be against the spirit of our Human Rights obligations and treaties. It seems to need a more holistic intervention on a Federal level to ensure there are no unintended impacts on particular groups. The provocation defence also negatively affects racial minorities and has been used on rare occasions to shockinglyt try to justify deadly violenceagainst women in domestic violence situations (a New Zealand case led where a man tried to plead this in a murder of his wife led to this provocation defence being completely removed from statues after a huge outcry). Will you take action to close such archaic loopholes?

user picture Paul Kelly · 5 years ago · 21 votes · 1 comments
Great question - the times are a-changing.
Linh Do · 5 years ago
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