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On December 10th, the Hon. Joe Hockey MP and Shadow Treasurer used Google Hangout technology to answer the most popular questions on OurSay. This event was brought to you by Deakin MBA, Sky News and OurSay.

Order of Questions:

4:20 - Education 11:27 - ME 16:18 - Concept of Liberalism 23:40 - Live Exports 31:53 - Marriage Equality

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The long term average growth of the Australian economy is 3%. During the GFC, the Australian economy has grown at 3%. What will you do differently in a growing world economy to improve on the current excellent economic growth?
Jim Bookie · 4 years ago
With the campaigns lasting so long, is the obvious increase of cost going to be paid by the Australian citizens? Is there a cap that each party has to stop at? Thanks, Phyllis Wagner
Phyllis Wagner · 4 years ago
I am so desperate to know why the absence of immigration debate has been so overshadowed by such a ruthless high ground we take on asylum seekers. Is kelvin Thompson the only politico prepared to confront this issue......and he's been quite mute of late,I must say.
Michele giordano · 5 years ago
I put the question to Mr. Hockey about how the Liberal Party can still be considered 'liberal'. From Mr Hockey's answer It's clearly time for a new party based on trusting people to make their own decisions in life and having a compassionate position on asylum seekers. Despite what Mr. Hockey and his party think, compassion is not resorting to whatever punitive means possible to 'stop the boats'; an issue like Marriage Equality should never be 'difficult' for a liberal party; and liberalism is not about showering middle-class folks with welfare and opposing market based reforms like an ETS.
Daniel Carr · 5 years ago
Daniel, I think your question shows a lack of political knowledge and understanding of the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party was largely an amalgamation from Robert Menzies' United Australia Party (UAP). The UAP were a conservative party. The Liberal Party also comprised of parts of the Free Trade Party and the Protectionist Party, both of which had conservative elements. This briefly explains why members of a Liberal Party would be conservative on issues such as gay marriage. Secondly, I would challenge you to name any other party, who openly states that they are socially liberal, who has a more humane, logically balanced policy on asylum seekers than the Liberal Party's policy. Is it compassionate to have a policy which allows people to die at sea? Whether it is the Greens or the ALP, both of those parties' policies seem to think that letting such a thing happen is okay. I am happy to see the ALP move to a position that is closer to the Greens' position. If anything, the Liberals policy is far more liberal. On an issue such as an ETS, I actually do not recognise that as a free market approach. An ETS isn't a free market approach when the whole system is filled with regulation and intervention from big banks who try to (and succeed) to make big out of a system which shouldn't be anything to do with them. I also reject your claims about middle class welfare. There is a difference between welfare and assisting people to commit a certain action in order to rectify an issue. The second idea is called public policy, different to welfare. I don't believe that Joe answered your question very well, but I hope I have done a better job. Thanks.
Tony PM2013 · 5 years ago
On Asylum seekers, I meant a closer position to the Coalition, not the Greens.
Tony PM2013 · 5 years ago

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