Future of WJ Turner Reserve

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Help us shape the future of WJ Turner Reserve by contributing your ideas for a new Master Plan.

Tell us how you use this park and what would make you want to use it more.

Park features:

  • WJ Turner Reserve is a 3ha park.
  • It has one small sports oval and a rundown practice cricket net facility.
  • There is one sports pavilion currently used by the Silverton Cricket Club.
  • The park sits on two separate land titles. Council owns the northern portion of the park and the Department of Education and Training (DET) owns the southern portion of the park.
  • It has two playgrounds. One sits on Council’s land and the other sits on the DET’s land

You can also share your ideas via email at futureofparks@cgd.vic.gov.au

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1 year ago

***Pavillion Redevelopment, Sports Field upgrade & Cricket Net increase/relocation (at least 3 nets)***

- Silverton CC as of Feb 4th 2019 have used 141 players on their junior & senior playing lists, including girls.

- Age ranges are from 4 to 50

- 11 teams, (including 6 Junior Teams), experiencing 400% Junior growth & forecast to reach 100 x 4- 16 year olds in 2019/2020 & beyond!

- CGD Club Of The Year Winner in 2018 for it's community & healthy lifestyle focus

- Spectators have to enter via the Pavillion to access toilets.

- All Girls & Ladies Social teams.

- Players (inclu...

1 year ago

Sun shades or trees, as it's a very sunny area. Climbing wall.

1 year ago

***Northern End Upgrade Hub Suggestion (maximise space available)***

The following suggestions encompass a move to a NEW playground closer to Turner Pavillion, creating greater community experiences.

- A themed playground & shade sails.

- We want kids of CGD having an outstanding diverse, inclusive, accessible, play, social & recreational experience, inclusive of teenagers.

- More trees planted around revised "hub" location of playground.

- Creation multi purpose "free play" areas, synthetic mini running track/field, access for skaters, table tennis tables.

- Ideal ...

1 year ago

A larger playgound.
More seating around.
Lighting to cover both sides of the oval would be great when the school runs events.

1 year ago

Extend the walking path to continue around the western side of the oval to allow easier access between the northern parking area, the western playground and the school access.

11 months ago

At the council's playground a shaded play area would be very welcome, along with public toilets. There is a bbq there but without a toilet people are very unlikely to spend a significant period of time at the park.

At the department of education playground a bin would be welcome as it is often full of discarded rubbish. A drinking fountain would also be lovely

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