Olivers Hill - Safe Boat Refuge and Coast Guard Facility

Council has worked with key stakeholders to develop a plan for a Safe Boat Refuge and new Coast Guard facility to respond to emergencies quickly and allow Boaters to safely retrieve their vessel in any weather.

Initial concept plans have been drafted and preliminary investigations completed. As a result, further community consultation is now underway and more in-depth environmental studies are planned to be undertaken.

We now seek your views on this project.  Below are some Fast Facts about the project and we welcome you to undertake a short survey - See link to survey below.

Did you know......

  1. A safe boat refuge and new Coast Guard facility is a Council Plan priority. It enables a permanent anchorage for a coast guard vessel, greater surveillance and faster emergency response. [7]
  2. Frankston's beaches are the most accessible beaches for approximately 800K people. [1]
  3. Carrum is the busiest launching facility for recreation boats in Victoria. [2]
  4. Frankston Coast Guard comprises volunteers who attend marine emergencies, undertake searches for missing persons at sea and provide marine safety training. [3]
  5. The Frankston Coast Guard vessel is kept at Patterson River Marina. [4]
  6. The closure of storm gates at the entrance of the Patterson River Marina can prevent the Coast Guard vessel from entering or leaving the marina. [5]
  7. The Coast Guard takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to travel from Patterson River Marina out into the bay e.g. it takes 45 minutes from the marina to Frankston Pier in poor weather. [6]
  8. Water Police are based in Williamstown; it takes 30 minutes in fine weather and up to 3+ hours in adverse weather conditions to reach Frankston.
  9. The Water Police ‘call out’ the Frankston Coast Guard once per week on average. [9]
  10. The majority of search and rescue operations are in adverse weather conditions. [8]
  11. It takes between 1-2 hours, depending on a number of variables like body weight for a person in 10-15 degree water to become unconscious from hypotherma. [10]
  12. Over the last year, approximately 150 people have been rescued by the Frankston Coast Guard. [11]
  13. Council manages the foreshore day-to-day but must seek approval from State Government to undertake any work on the foreshore. [12]
  14. Any new Coast Guard building should not encroach on foreshore vegetation or dune systems. [13]
  15. Artificial reefs near Frankston Pier have been successful in providing marine habitat. [14]
  16. Breakwaters can be constructed to protect the foreshore from the impact of wave and currents and also provide habitat for marine species. [15][16]
  17. A safe boat refuge incorporating breakwaters will act as a barrier to surging waves enabling boats to access the boat ramp in adverse weather.
  18. The safe boat refuge will require minor dredging to maintain safe boat operations.
  19. The Frankston Coast Guard is without an Operations Centre following the recent demolition of its building.
  20. With an expected cost of $24M subject to continuing investigations ($6M for Coast Guard Operations Centre and $16-18M for breakwater); Council is seeking $8M each from State and Federal Governments. [19]
  21. Current indications are Kananook Creek shows it has insufficient width and depth for safe navigation of Coast Guard vessels and insufficient clearance under the Landmark Bridge for dredging equipment.
  22. Marine specialist KBR was engaged by Council to assess the impact of a safe boat refuge on the local coastal process and develop a concept plan for the safe boat refuge. [18]
  23. KBR’s studies include development of a hydro dynamic model and interpretation of data related to wave lengths, sediment transportation water levels and wind movements. [18]
  24. Additional technical and environmental assessments will be used for the environment and planning approvals process. [17]
  25. The initial concept designs of the safe boat refuge and Coast Guard facility are on Council’s website. [18]



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