Wanted Dead or Alive: Mapping Frankston's Wildlife Friends

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Cyclist Routes

It is expected that cyclists of varying ability will be regular users of the proposed cyclist connections. Two cyclist routes are proposed.
The community route is intended to provide a less direct, quieter connection for less experienced cyclists. The proposed route utilises slower local streets and wherever possible, identifies shared paths on busier streets.
The commuter-focused option is proposed for experienced cyclists and commuters. This route is a more direct route. Sections of the community route are common with the commuter route.
There will be no changes to any roundabouts along both routes. The key upgrade elements of the cyclist routes are:

Pedestrian Mobility

The Pedestrian Walking corridor has been developed with the objective of providing connectivity within Epping, with a focus on pedestrian experience and walkability. The corridor will utilise local streets and create stronger links between popular parks, residential areas, a local school and the Epping Town Centre. The corridor will make use of existing footpaths and infrastructure, and will include the upgrade of pathways and pedestrian amenity as required

The key upgrade elements of the pedestrian paths include: