The Seaford Wetlands Residential Environs Study - what are your thoughts?

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Frankston City Council is seeking community feedback on the proposed outcomes detailed in the Seaford Wetlands Residential Environs Study report, prepared by PLC Consulting in February 2019.

Your feedback is important to us. Comments submitted in this forum will be used to inform the next steps in Council's Seaford Wetlands Residential Environs Study including any proposed further studies and capital works projects.

Before participating in this forum, please read the Seaford Wetlands Residential Environs Study (February 2019) which is available to download from the Document Library section on this page. You are then encouraged to submit questions and leave comments in the forum below.


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5 months ago

I have lived in Denbigh Rd for 43 years and have never seen flooding as a problem. The water level is always 50mtrs away from houses, and that is almost 50cm lower, even at Austin Rd. If flooding can be considered as possible then minor levy banks would be the solution. Conversely, as houses now catch much rainwater in tanks, the wetlands dry out disastrously. I hope water retention or addition is addressed. Public toilets on each side so 4km apart are seen as needed by all walkers runners and cyclists. The area can be superior to Albert Park in every way in time . A tan sand track adjacent to the ...

6 months ago

The report, informs on page 17 (when reviewing historical VCAT decisions) " For properties at 29 to 39 Austin Road Seaford, a permit was granted subject to conditions. Most notably, dwellings were restricted to single storey, the acoustic paling fence was moved back 10m south of the northern boundary, and the applicant entered into an agreement with Melbourne Water to ensure all external lighting be baffled and downcast and no cats or dogs to be kept on the land." My question is - Are any domestic Animals currently registered at the addresses nominated ?

6 months ago

Senior Strategic Planner

How will the recommendations of this report affect the significance of the Seaford Wetlands?

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