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OurSay is a platform to:

  • Empower your members and supporters to make collaborative decisions
  • Engage your community beyond the usual suspects
  • Secure community endorsement for ambitious or controversial decisions
  • Build a shared understanding of community priorities, constraints and opportunities
  • Give your people options to participate by posting ideas, comments, placing votes, a way to engage beyond writing letters or sending emails.

How does OurSay work?

START - Easy to design, setup and share:

  • Share information via custom branded landing and project pages with rich media capability (links, images, video, documents)
  • Easy WYSIWYG editor to preview, schedule and publish your projects pages (no coding experience required)
  • Promote and share engagements with one click to social networks, email, unique urls, and seamless integration into your website

LEARN - Geographic mapping, analytics and reporting:

  • Capture key demographic data of participants for robust engagement reporting
  • Access interactive map-based reporting to view engagement by postcode, region and state
  • On-screen reporting of total platform engagement over time
  • Gain actionable insights from your community data

OPTIMISE - Track, listen and respond:

  • Manage one or many projects at a time from a central dashboard
  • Monitor real-time participation data on-screen
  • Respond easily to forum comments
  • Close the loop with an engagement response page

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