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10 months ago

Local exercise groups for blokes would be good, particularly in smaller communities where there is no gym. For example an opportunity to join in on footy training as a spin off to helping others in the community be a part of a fun but regular fitness opportunity, 'fees' could be paid to support the local footy group and it may be good for the club also to get more locals interested in supporting the club. This may be a good way to keep all involved fit over non footy season too.

10 months ago

Some basic cooking skill workshops for people to learn how to cook using fresh produce and on a tight budget. Build the facilitation skills of good cooks so they can pass on their knowledge to others. (across the whole catchment)

10 months ago

The region has no wholefoods grocery, unlike most other regions in Victoria. We have no option to buy chemical-free produce, local produce, healthy breads, bulk foods with minimal packaging, natural cleaning products, healthy snacks and drinks. It wouldn't be impossible for a council partnership to open such a store, which could also offer retail traineeships and provide some employment at the same time. I would do all my shopping there!

10 months ago

The councils who host the local business excellence awards could add a category dedicated to recognising business who contribute most to the health of the region.

9 months ago

I think better water quality so people will drink more water.
Foot Paths so people can walk around towns safely.
Walking/Bike tracks.
And out door fitness equipment at parks and sport grounds.

9 months ago

free healthy school lunches at every government (not private) school in our region for every student.

10 months ago

A functional medical practitioner who could visit an existing clinic on a weekly or monthly basis. That is, a medical practitioner who works with the patient to understand underlying causes of disease, such as epigenetic factors and nutritional deficiencies or excess. There are many in our community who have health conditions that our regular GPs can't help with. For anyone in our community, seeing a functional medical practitioner means travel to another city, and paying full fee. It's difficult to travel that far for those who are not well and who may be low income due to illness.

10 months ago

Soft drinks are sold at every cricket game. Sports clubs would be a good place to start introducing alternative drinks. Especially children's sports clubs. When we go to the leisure centre, the only food available is ice cream, chips, lollies and sweet drinks (with the exception of bottled water). Where are our salad bars, juice bars, soup stands, healthy snacks?

9 months ago

Sport equipment and/ or membership fees to be paid for kids that can not afford it

9 months ago

Navigating through the extensive network of health organisations across Australia is a challenge for anyone.

My issue is whom does one phone (seek help from) when a person is in desperate need of mental health assistance? Especially after hours, 000? Beyond Blue? Headspace? Grampians Community Health? Lifeline? I could go on.
For an individual in desperate need without a clear head, they would really struggle.

What I would really like to see developed is all those agencies, community health organisations, not for profits is to merged into one agency with a dedicated 24hr helpline with a separ...

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