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9 months ago

Healthy cooking classes

9 months ago

The cost of joining a gym during the winter months when it is to cold to exercise outside is too high.

9 months ago

Have bicycle friendly streets with lanes or paths where cyclists feel safe. Include plenty of safe places for people to rack bikes and encourage workplaces to have showers so employees can shower once at work. This could encourage people to ride bikes rather than drive.

9 months ago

Free access to local swimming pools for everyone over the summer season, with REAL health information available at all pools about mental health, diet and nutrition and sexual health. Local service providers could sit at the pool for a few hours each week if anyone has questions they would like to ask about health or where to access the right service. If the pools are free, more people can attend and get the health benefits and it is a great opportunity to address the other health issues our communities are facing.

9 months ago

Initiate the introduction of a Parkrun course within the Grampians Pyrenees community to promote exercise and social interaction.

9 months ago

An affordable start-up program to better educate/help people to a healthier life. A lot of the health problems stem from being overweight and/or not mobile and if we fix that, then we should see a decrease in other areas as well. A lot of people don't know where to start, or how to start. It is easy to start a "diet" but they rarely work long-term.
There needs to be some sort of accessible program that teaches people how to be healthy, not just how to go on a diet. That teaches people how to begin an exercise program that suits their needs. And it needs to be affordable.

9 months ago

We have wonderful natural resources and infrastructure in this region to be able to provide respite for families to access in challenging times. A safe, healthy, supportive place to provide respite for families to take some time out or a holiday before families reach breaking point is needed.
Ros Byas

9 months ago

More support and friendly exercise programs are needed for new mothers. These need to be supported by accessible childcare and delivered in local settings in partnership with communities.
Ros Byas

9 months ago

I would like to see subsidised training opportunities locally for young people i.e First Aid.

9 months ago

Access to free generalist counsellors for young people 10-18 years, without limitations on sessions or huge waitlists.

This is a huge service gap, and the mental health of our young people is vital with 1 in 5 experiencing mental ill health and less than one third of these reaching out for timely help. Let's make it easier!

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